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message 1: by Rowena, Group Owner (last edited Mar 23, 2012 05:34AM) (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Why is it that hosting sites treat would be whistle-blowers and authors like potential criminals?

Yahoo allows any anonymous pirate to post links to stolen ebooks without challenge, but subjects authors and honest booklovers to all manner of obstacles and implied threats if they dare to complain about theft on Yahoo.

I suggested to Yahoo that they have the technology to put up a Report This Group button on every yahoogroup. (They have a similar button to give a group kudos).

Dear Yahoo,

May I suggest that you ought to have a REPORT THIS GROUP button or text link on every YAHOO group.

You say you comply with the DMCA, but your current policy in effect gives shelter and support to members who violate your TOS and the law.

Do you expect every author in America to belong to every single yahoo group, and to monitor their activities, so that he or she may complain to you when he or she discovers that his or her copyrighted books are being illegally shared on a Yahoo Group site?

You ought to make it possible for the public to be more proactive!


Rowena Cherry

I submitted the above suggestion after I tried to tell Yahoo that they have a group which offers new members a 480 links to stolen ebooks, exhorts its 1,000 members to "share" these links with all their individual friends on Twitter, and regularly shares batches of 200 other ebooks.

Yahoo doesn't seem to care. If the 480 authors fail to magically hear about this infringement, and fail to supply all their required personal details and asseverations, Yahoo will protect the pirates!

-----Original Message-----
From: Yahoo! Copyright
Sent: Fri, Feb 12, 2010 1:56 pm
Subject: Re: Inappropriate Material (KMM98667733V987L0K M)

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Inc. ("Yahoo!"). Yahoo! respects the intellectual property rights of others and we ask that our users do the same. Yahoo! has established a policy for receiving and processing
notifications of infringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), other applicable laws and/or Yahoo! policies.

Your recent correspondence was insufficient to constitute an effective Notification of Infringement ("NOI") within the meaning of the DMCA and/or as required by Yahoo! policy. The elements required for an effective NOI, and the contact information for submitting a NOI to Yahoo!, are included below and at

http://info. copyright/ details.html

If you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner and you would like to submit a NOI in response to this email, please include the following:

1. A statement by you that you have a *good faith belief* that the reported use is not authorized by the copyright or intellectual property owner, its agent, or the law;

2. A statement by you, *made under penalty of perjury,* that the above information is accurate and that you are the copyright or intellectual property owner or authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner's behalf; and

3. Your address, telephone number, and email address;

4. Your electronic or physical signature. If the submission is made electronically, please designate your electronic signature by typing a forward slash ("/") before and after your name and follow this electronic signature by again typing your name. For example

/Jane Doe/
Jane Doe

Please note that attachments cannot be accepted due to security concerns.

Once Yahoo! has received a NOI containing each of the required elements detailed above, Yahoo! will process your request.

We wish to thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. Please contact us if you have any questions or we can further assist you in this

Copyright/IP Agent, Yahoo! Inc.

************ ********* *******

c/o Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

message 2: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 93 comments Mod
Deplorable! Allowing the links to facilitate piracy and refusing to educate and remove said links is aiding and abetting an offense that could cost the pirates themselves between $30,000 and $150,000 plus jail time PER BOOK. Why are there no repercussions for Yahoo for this aid and succor? For providing the means to not only carry out the crime but also to assist in it so blatantly?

Perhaps Yahoo should have the same database we suggested to eBay, more or less.

message 3: by Rowena, Group Owner (last edited Feb 19, 2010 04:09AM) (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod

You are absolutely right. Maybe there ought to be a Petition to Yahoo asking for the ability for readers and group members to blow the whistle on illegal activity.

Meanwhile, here's good news... so kudos to Yahoo, for the time being.

The alleged pirate rants:

Dear Members

(XXXX) is currently down. This is because there has been copyright complaints against the site (riduculous, considering that we do not host the free books and only point members as to where they can find them!), but unitl this is resolved, we cannot re-open the site, however, we will still let you know of other book links, music and games in our twice weekly freebie lists

I will keep you all updated as to any changes


My own rant:

He calls his group "Free Book Club". It would be more honest to call it "Stolen Book Club". He provides links to illegal sites that post infringing material. He exhorts his members to download and share the copyright infringing material.

This is illegal, folks.

message 4: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 93 comments Mod
Like I already said, the crime he and his buddies are committing carries a penalty of $30,000 to $150,000 PER OFFENSE plus the possibility of jail time. They have dozens of illegal books hosted on the site they send people to (and even if they were just sending out the links to someone else's illegally posted copies, that's facilitating, enticing to, aiding, and abetting that crime), and he's complaining that someone called him on it? What is wrong with these people?


message 5: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Someone pointed out privately that many list owners seem to think that perpetuating a crime is perfectly all right as long as they don't upload or host the illegal file.

message 6: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Another correspondent has noted off list that everyone wants to point the finger at someone upstream as being to blame. If not the individual uploader, maybe the host (as in the example above).

Yahoo is a host, and is free. I don't know about Go-Daddy, or Mozy, or Rapidshare, etc. However, if the hosts start receiving a lot of take down requests, it's going to be more expensive for them to do business, in which case, they'll either have to raise fees from honest users or introduce fees.

Or, maybe they'll start freezing or deleting pirate's accounts.

message 7: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Here's progress.

1. The link to 480 novels on pirate sites, including 84 of Nora Roberts's, has been disabled.

2. Six links to 200 (or more) appear to still be active.

3. I have been banned from the freebookclub yahoo group.

Somehow, there's not a lot of justice in that, but I can see their point.

message 8: by Guido (new)

Guido Henkel (guidohenkel) | 54 comments Mod
People do not take the digital thefts very seriously because they are so convenient and executable by just about everyone with a computer. That is why cases like the Tenenbaum case are so important to get the message out there to people that just because something is available on the Internet, no matter how accessible it is, it is still potentially illegal to download it and to go on and redistribute it.

I admire your drive in this entire effort, Rowena. Way to go!

message 9: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod

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message 10: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
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message 11: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
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message 12: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Dedicated to the overwhelming amount of free books. Know of a free ebook post it
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message 13: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
How about

We share Programs, Movies, Music, Games, Audio Books, E-Books, TV Shows,
Media, Ring tones, and lots more.

message 14: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod


Welcome to A_Megaupload_Rapidshare_Group2 Your new Home for Links and Shares.
Rapidshare, Megashare, Pando, File2upload, FileFront, MediaFire, Netload,
Sendspace, YouSendIt, Torrents are all welcome here.

Sister Group:

The point of a sharing group is to give as well as receive. Please keep this
in mind when you are snagging, perhaps you have something that someone else has
been looking for.

YAHOO has dozens of groups such as this!

message 15: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod

Links for files in
Rapidshare (,
Megaupload, (
Yousendit (www.yousendit)
Filesupload (
Badongo (
FileFactory (
Easy Sharing (
Momoshare (
Virgilio (
4Shared ( (
Esnips (
MediaFire (
P2M ( -- Accounts for Gmail, Walla, yahoomail etc.

Warning. If you are going to visit any of these sites, your IP will be tracked, your email address can be identified, you may very well pick up a virus or worse.

Just because pirates recommend the sites does not make them healthy places to be.

message 16: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
There is no group called The-Treasure-Chest. Please make sure you typed the web address correctly. If you have done so, the group may no longer exist.
You may also search or browse for groups on the Yahoo! Groups Home Page.

The-Treasure-Chest was sharing and publishing Microsoft stuff... lots of it.

I hear that proof was forwarded to Microsoft (

Thank you notes from Microsoft were received, and now, at least one of the copyright infringing yahoogroups is no longer a group.

Chalk one up to Microsoft, and also to the responsible, law-abiding members of the publishing community who took the time to report the pirates.

message 17: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
There are lots of Yahoogroups dedicated to copyright infringement, and it never ceases to amaze me that the infringers seem to feel a sense of outrage and entitlement and no shame at all.

Authors and publishers have done a very poor job in communicating with readers.... or is it the case that the innovative IT companies who make their profits from facilitating "sharing" have deliberately fudged the issue?

Craftyt (Tanya) (22/03 21:06) >
Just letting you know about this, don't know how much truth is in it but just letting you know
We have another trouble-maker going around the groups.
She has already gotten one of my other groups shut down in a matter of a couple of days.

She started with the book groups, as far as I can tell, and now she is making her way thru
The psp telling just how many groups she has gone thru, so be on the lookout
And please pass it on to your list leaders and off-group please.

I like to get a heads up on people like this, and ban them, so I don't get MY groups shut down on account of nasty people like this.....her email is here>>>>>>

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