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ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (rp here)

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Nikky was walking around listening to her ipod

Johnny was laying on the ground looking at the sky his ipod blaring in his ears

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Liilia walked around, her nose in a book. AS she walked across some grass, she tripped over someone laying down.

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Kat was walking on the grass with her friend Brandon

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Nikky saw Johnny and sat by him "Hey bro."

"Hey." Johnny said taking one head phone out

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Kat and Brandom walked past Nikky and Johnny

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Nikky saw them but didn't do anything and laid next to her bro

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"do you know thoes people?" Kat asked Brandon as they walked away

"no" Brandon answered

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Nikky sighed

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Kat sighed she held Brandon's hand, Brandon smiled

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Nikky looked at her watch and cursed. She stood up and ran she was really late for work. She ran past Brandon and Kat

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Brandon checked Nikky out

Kat hit Bradon

"what?" he asked

"you know what" Kat said

Brandon sighed, Kat rolled her eyes

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Nikky ran to work and got started. She as a life gaurd at the school pool

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"i feel like going to the pool." Brandon said

"i though yoyu wanted to lunch?" Kat said

"I chaned my mind, so can you go get me my swimming stuff?" Brandon asked


"please" Brandon asked

"fine" Kat said

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Nikky put on a red swimming suit and some red shorts and sat in the life guard chair

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Kat gave him his swim suit and she had hers on and they walked to the Pool

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Nikky sat there watching people swim

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Brandon went to a restroom and changed, Kat wiated for him then they went into the pool

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Nikky leaned back in the chair

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Brandon saw Nikky he got out of the pool and walked over to her and said "hi"

Kat watched from the pool

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Nikky looked down at him "uh hey"

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"im Brandon" he said

Kat laughed when she heard him

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"im Nikky"

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"nice to meet you Nikky"

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"nice to meet you too Brandon"

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Brandon smiled and aksed "would you like to hang out later?"

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"uh..sure" Nikky said

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"cool" Brandon then poined to kat and said "thats my frined over there she is gonna come with she knows all the cool places"

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"ok" Nikky said nodded

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"yeah so what time do you get off" he asked

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"cool so i guess we will meet you here then" Brandon said

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"ok" Nikky said smiling alittle

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Brandon smiled and said "see you then and went back to Kat

"what was that about?" Kat asked

"nohting you need to worry about" Brandon said

Kat sighed and said "did u ask her out?"

"maybe" Brandon said

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Nikky went back to work smiling

Johnny got up and went to see his sister

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Kat hit Brandon and said "why would you do that you balerly know where anything is in this town!"
"i know i told her that you would come along adn take us to cool places" he said

"you did what?"

"you heard me"

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Johnny walked in to the pool in black swim trunks

Nikky saw her bro and smirked

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"i really dont like you right now" Kat said
"just come with me please! you can bring someone with you if you want" Brandon said

"fine but this is the last time i do you a favor" Kat said

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Johnny waved alittle at his sis

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Kat saw Johnny and smiled

"who r u smileing at?" Brandon asked

"no one" Kat said and looked back at Brandon

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Johnny leaned against the side of the pool

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Kat went over to Johnny and said "hi"

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Johnny looked at her "hey.."

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"im Kat" she said

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"im Johnny"

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"nice to meet you "

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"nice to meet you too"

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"is the life gaurd over there your sister?" kat asked ponting to Nikky

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"yep" Johnny nodded

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 16 comments Stacy sat on the ground under the tree.

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