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message 1: by Eileen (new)

Eileen | 2 comments Ko Barrett:
"A positive change in individual awareness will bring about a positive change in the collective awareness."
When we change ourselves we change the world. Everything is connected.

message 2: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Dean | 7 comments Hello Ko. I'm not sure where you got the quote. I have a response. I hope that is okay. The larger subject being Open Mind, Open Heart. It may just be a language thing but I would like to point out what I feel is the difference between Awareness and Consciousness -- Awareness being something pure and Consciousness being OF something. Awareness becomes consciousness when it is split into observer and observed. Again, these are only words and not what we are talking about, but I believe it helps at least to look a bit deeper at the phenomenon.

There needs to be a word for that boundless experience of wholeness that can be witnessed where all polarities and paradoxes dissolve and I do believe awareness works for this. Consciousness as I mentioned above requires the one who is conscious and the thing that one is conscious OF. This can be refined and refined as consciousness deepens its appreciation. As it is of things, consciousness though refined forever cannot move one towards pure awareness. This requires a leap away from the mind and ideas altogether.

message 3: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Dean | 7 comments I just read my comment over and realized I had something else to add, and that is that an open heart requires an empty mind. An open heart occurs when ideas are gone and boundless awareness is embraced. The individual IS then the same as the collective and there is nothing more to learn or accumulate as "knowledge".

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