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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Yesterday, I was near tears when I went to the website for Catherine's Plus Sizes and found out that they only offer 32W bottoms and up to 5x tops. I am a size 38W-40W bottom and a 6x top. I love Liz and Me denim leggings. They look like jeans, but they stretch,and have all elastic waist bands, which is very important to many of us with wide hips.

I was seeking said item because I blew out a pair. Now, mind you, I have been shopping at Catherines since it was called P.S. Plus Sizes, so that means I have been a customer for at least 20 years. (Yes, since high school.) In 2006, I went there to purchase a nice neglige so that I could look as sexy as I feel, only to be told that they were no longer carrying anything above a size 4 x. I left in tears, and went home and cancelled my store credit card.

In 2007, I needed some new leggings. On a whim I went back to the store and was told that they could, indeed, order my pants in my size and have them sent to my house for free, despite the fact that they were not stocked in the store. I re-instated my credit card, but I was still unhappy to know that my size was still not being carried.

So, after looking at the site, I was feeling pretty bad about myself. As a lst ditch idea, I decided to try the store anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can order my beloved 38W pants and still have them sent to me for free, and here's the really good news, Catherine's is going to start carrying 6x's again!

So, it got me thinking. I am told to go on the internet to look for clothes, but what I have searched is either too small or too expensive. I do not know how to sew, not do I feel that I should have to learn so that I can have clothes to wear. I feel that if a store or catalog is going to claim to carry plus sizes, that they should carry EVERY SIZE, IN EVERY COLOR IN EVERY STYLE and if they can't, they should try to work with the companies who supply them to make the sizes in question!

This also got me thinking, that maybe we, as a whole, should stand up for ourselves. I complain, but I am only 1 voice. What if 100 or 500 or 100,000 of us complained at once? Would stores like Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug Plus, Torrid, and catalogs like Woman Within and Romans, listen better? If we could make them realize exactly how much money they are losing by NOT carrying our sizes, would they change?

I like to think so, and if we stop giving them our money and only give to those who carry our sizes, make their bottom lines bigger, will they step up to compete, or will the businesses we support now, sell us out later?

I think it is time for designers to realize that we are here, we want to look sexy, handsome, pretty, and trendy. We want to look good too. Maybe we should stage a naked-in. You know, meet as a group and not wear clothes to protest not being able to find our sizes......hmmmmm......

As a new note to this idea, on Rachael Ray yesterday (2/18/10) she had on 3 women who were in the 20-24 range of clothing and they sat down to talk with Emme, who is condsidered a plus size model because she is a 14, the average size of an average woman. Emme said that designers don't advertise when they make a line for plus sized women and that those on Madison Ave. have done "research" that states women want to respond to women who are an idealized or inspriational size in catalog shots, and not see what the actual clothes will look like on them, to which one of the women promptly replied "Bull!"

I agree! As one woman put it, if you make it, I'll buy it. And we do, don't we? If you are a larger person, you will buy it in every color you can find if it fits. My idea of a naked in is beginning to sound really good right about now...

message 2: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (last edited Feb 26, 2010 12:58PM) (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
On 2/24/10, Rachael Ray did another show on plus-size women and the top 3 things that we do wrong with our underwear. She had help from a young lady who writes a column for Marie Claire on being a plus-size in a skinny world. She went shopping with 3 women who needed a bra, panties and a body shapper respectively. We all found out that we all have been putting on our bras the wrong way for years (who knew there was a "right way"? I always thought that as long as the twins are in, I'm fine.) Anyway, I love how these women were "plus size". Except for the bra needer (she was really a G cup and not a D as she had been wearing) I would not have called these women plus size. At the most, one may have been an 18. That to me, is not a plus size. Try being a 6 x with a 52 C bra and size 14 underwear. You find a bra, let alone underwear. Period. Yes, I try catalogs. Woman Within is a good one for not carrying a bra above a 50 anything, or carrying DDD and up. The makers of said items evidently feel that if you have big boobs that they must speak for themselves and that you don't need anything attractive! As for a size 14 rear, well evidently nobody wants to look at that, so they either make realy ugly colors, or have no idea how to cut the d*&^% things!

Don't even get me started on fancy nighties! Impossible to find. Again, I guess the idea is that if you are my size, you must be alone and nobody wants you or designers have no clue how to make it work for a larger person. Here's a clue, STRETCH LACE, SPANDEX/LYCRA PANELS,AND MATERIAL THAT HAS GIVE TO IT! There,not that hard! Here's another clue, big people DO have SEX and would like to be able to feel and look as sexy as our partners feel about and see us!

If I had the money, I would love to find a local clothing design school and hire one of the up and commers to design sexy stuff for plus sizers. I ttuly feel that every person should have at least 1 thing that makes them feel attractive. I think every one should have that chance, and I shouldn't have to learn to sew to get it!

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A. | 19 comments I just wish that plus sized clothes didn't look like something out of Donna Reed's wardrobe.
Why can't they make plus sized clothing in more hip styles? Hard to have a better self esteem when clothiers think their customers are frumps or '50s housewives.

message 4: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (last edited Jun 02, 2010 07:57AM) (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
Romans catalog does carry more trendy looking clothes.....3-4x and under! They advertise that they carry upto 44W (7x) but find it!

I have been watching way too much TLC lately. I have become a fan of "What Not to Wear" and "Say Yes to the Dress". The first is a make over show, and the later follows brides at a NYC bridal shop whichi supposed to be the largest in the world, or some such. They have over 2,000 gowns in stock at one time, so if they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist, or so they say.

Last Friday, I was watching an episode where they followed "plus size" brides and their search for a gown. The store happily burbled that they now had sample dresses in 24. That's like a 3 x. Whoopie!
One woman, who had been married before at 367lbs., had to have a custom dress made by her mom. She was getting married a second time after having had barriatirc surgery and is now a 16. Her mom said it all. "Designers have ignored the larger women."

So, unless you want a custom dress, which for thin woman can run $10,000 and up,I guess the message is "if you are larger, no one wants you." This seems to be a pervasive message in the fashion idustry. "If you are large, don't leave the house, because no one wants to look at you."

I want to look nice and I want to dress my age! I am only 36, not 76! I want to look as nice as the skinny women of the world! I want to be able to go a store and not have to hide behind a catalog!

message 5: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (last edited Sep 30, 2010 07:21AM) (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I recently found out that makers of clothes use a "perfect size 18" to base all larger sized fashions off of. How messed up is that? I am not a size 18, and haven't been since 9th grade! I am a size 40-42W. (That is a 6x by the way). How can an 18 be a proto-type for me and other women larger than an 18?

If makers of clothes were smart, they would use a "perfect 28" and use them for up to size 36 and a "perfect 38" for 38 and up. That would make more sense.

Years ago, vanity sizing crept into the market for women's clothes in all size ranges. I guess that saying I'm a 40 is better than saying that I really am a 60. Big whoop. I'm a big, beautiful size 60 and I don't care. I just want clothes that fit,and look good on me. And as for home sewing, good luck finding a pattern big enough to use as a template. Unless you are one of the fortunate few who can actually create your own pattern (and sew for that matter) or have enough money to hire somebody else to do it for you) you are way out of luck.

I still stand by the idea of a naked in.

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