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Name: Amatsu
Age: 727 (Demon..Eh hm xD)
Gender: M
Personality: Amatsu is by nature a very wild and aggressive druin. He loves to fight and believes battle is his calling. Pain and injuries are nothing to him. He shrugs them off as the price one pays for the adrenaline rush of battle. He even seems to enjoy the rush of being injured, you could call him a type of masochist. Amatsu loves the taste of blood and when he makes a kill he will often drink the blood before eating. In battle he rarely ever kills his opponents, he prefers to let them live in case they want a rematch. He loves to challenge others to battle, especially strong opponents that can give him a challenge. He will never back down but is smart enough to admit defeat with a laugh. He will always challenge those who can defeat him to a rematch no matter how bad they beat him the first time, that is just how much he loves battle. He was born to fight. While normally he will do battle for the pure sake of fighting, there are times where his beliefs will stir him to fight for a certain cause. It isn’t often but sometimes Amatsu will rally behind a leader he likes and fight for him. He is a rebel at heart though, in his own words he is a “Happy go lucky maverick” So he never stays on one wolf’s side for too long. Because of his Bloodlust in battle some have called him evil but Amatsu simply shrugs that off by saying “Good and Evil have no place on the battlefield.” In reality Amatsu doesn’t care about good or evil, he simply fights however can give him the greatest challenge. An example of this is when Amatsu served the demon Dullahan and then later betrayed and killed him. He felt fighting against Dullahan was more fun then fighting for him. Amatsu is a notorious prankster. He loves to embarrass those who look down on him. He has a very good sense of humor and loves to laugh. He will often hang around those that can make him laugh or those that like to laugh as much as he does. Amatsu loves to cause chaos for his own amusement. On the battlefield Amatsu fights like a demon but off of it he is very lazy and laidback. He often can be found sleeping in the sun or just taking a catnap. His motto is “You want me to fight like a demon on the battlefield? Then you have to let me have my catnaps when I’m off it.” Amatsu is a very adventurous beast. He loves going on adventures with others, traveling to exotic places and fighting new enemies are things he likes. If he hears stories of a demon plaguing a town or a giant beast guarding some treasure, his natural lust for battle and adventure will take over and he will go off to find and slay the beast. Helping the people isn’t something he means to do and he never sticks around to be thanked. He runs off to find his next challenge. Amatsu has his own code of ethics that has a very complicated system of rules that guide how he lives his life. Amatsu will never attack a female unless she is a threat to his life, he will never fight a handicapped opponent or an opponent who is weak. He will not lie and is honest with others, this can cause him to insult others on accident at times. His code of ethics sometimes leads him into trouble but he will never stray from it. One of Amatsu’s biggest weaknesses is his love of women. He is a notorious womanizer, often flirting with any female he finds to be pretty or beautiful. He will hit on them with some corny line and is often shot down although that never stops him from flirting. He will often wrap his tail around a female before proceeding to flirt with them. He prefers to never fight a female but he will if they can kill him and are trying to. Amatsu will stay with a female he likes and who likes him for awhile but is not the type to be tied down to one women so he will refuse to take a mate, although he wouldn’t mind fathering a few children here and there. This attitude is one of the reasons for his bad luck with women. Amatsu has a love of oranges and apples, he will often strip a tree clean of them if he finds them.
History: No one is sure where Amatsu came from as he has never spoken about his past. Amatsu was orphaned at a young age and he fended for himself for many years. During some point in his life he was picked up by a demon known as Dullahan. This demon saw Amatsu’s immense strength and he wanted to use it for himself. For many years Amatsu fought under Dullahan’s watchful eyes. Amatsu learned to love the thrill of battle and war and he took great pleasure in charging through the front lines as most druins do. For many years this relationship went on with Dullahan adopting Amatsu as his own son. However, Amatsu grew increasingly discontent with the way he was treated by Dullahan and because his adopted father took the credit for Amatsu’s strength. Eventually Amatsu grew tired of Dullahan and on day By himself he ransacked Dullahan’s castle and penetrated his defenses, coming face to face with the demon that called himself Amatsu's father. The two engaged in a long and prolific battle, eventually ending with a victory for Amatsu. With their leader dead, the rest of the army simply fell under the leadership of other demon generals. It was at this time that Amatsu was found by Tartarus and recruited into Giaku. The two of them formed a friendship and Amatsu was promoted to General of Giaku with Mars as his lieutenant. During the war Amatsu and Tartarus would often fight together. This combination proved to be nearly unstoppable. Eventually, a fea in Shinkou decided to prey upon Amatsu's weakness of women in order to tear him apart from Giaku. She came to Amatsu, who upon seeing her unriveled beauty instantly fell in love with her. She then formed a relationship with him, becoming his mate and distracting him from battle. Eventually, she led Amatsu to a closed off canyon where she said they would Make love. Amatsu followed her but it turned out that she had set a trap for him and an ambush occured. Amatsu managed to fight off the small warriors of Shinkou but Aeval turned out to be stronger then what he originally had thought and she almost killed him because he still thought it was all a lie and that she loved him. Eventually Amatsu's rage overtook him and he killed her. This caused his mind and heart to break and he left the war altogether, causing Tartarus to take away his rank as General and give it to Mars, Amatsu was then banished from Giaku. For a long time he simply vanished. Wandering for a long time. Seeking out battle here and there and going on adventures. During his travels he met a female known as Amanita Ban-Sidhe. She was a very rebellious female and a hellraiser. For awhile, Amatsu travelled with her. The two of them caused a lot of trouble, usually Amatsu would have to fight off opponents for Amanita while her warping power would allow them to escape. Amatsu would flirt with her but she would always reject him. Eventually, the two had a falling out and went their separate ways. Amatsu then came back to the lands of Shinkou. Amatsu has since rejoined Giaku determined to destroy Shinkou for what had happened to him. After years of training, he was rejected, furious he was. Amatsu ran away and never came back again.
Other:Sandkenesis: The most commenly used ability Amatsu has. This ability takes the least amount of magic to control. It is the ability to control sand through his mind. He can levitate sand and cause it to attack opponents. He can control vast amounts of sand at a time, more sand takes more energy. Most commenly, the sand is used to crush opponents, such as capturing them sand and then rapidly increasing the pressure of the sand to crush them. Other times, the sand will be used to suffocate opponents by burying them. He is also able to do things such as creating quicksand or sandstorms. A secondary ability granted by sand is the ability to absorb liquids such as water, this can lead an opponent to dehydrate. This power is much stronger in desert areas. The weakness of this ability is water, to much water turns the sand to mud which makes it to hard to control effectively.

Sandmorphing: This is a purely defensive skill. It is the ability for Amatsu to morph his body into sand. The sand is black in color, the amount of sand is formed by the mass of Amatsu's body. He cannot create more of the black sand or less of it. In this form, Amatsu cannot use any other magics nor attack. The weakness of this ability is again water, water causes and to compact into mud. If Amatsu is in normal form and get's wet, he cannot transform into sand.

Geokenesis: This is the ability to control earth itself. This is most commenly used to attack with rock or ground, using his mind to lift large chunks of rock to throw at an opponent. If Amatsu uses a lot of energy, he can even change the terrian of battle, such as creating sinkholes or large hills of rock, even pleatues. Amatsu can sink an opponent into the earth. If Amatsu is near a mountin, he can use his power to create a rockslide, just as if he is near a faultline he can cause an earthquake. This ability gives Amatsu the power to minipulate any earthen materials, from rock to precious gems. One of Amatsu's more usefull abilites although more energy consuming, is the ability to tunnel through the earth. The one form of earth Amatsu cannot control however is mud.

Plant control: Amatsu has the ability to control plants. In order for him to use this, there has to be a plant of some sort avalable. Amatsu can cause the plant of choice to grow at a rapid rate as well as change the plants shape. Such as causing a tree's limb to wrap around someone. This ablility is usually used in area's that are heavily wooded.

Metal Kenesis: The ability to control metal much like he would earth. Amatsu can only control existing metal around him, or pull metal from the ground. He cannot change the mass of the metal, only it's shape. This ability takes a lot more energy and concentration for Amatsu and because of this it is rarely used.

Strengths: Amatsu is a very fearsome warrior. His attacks are fierce as fire and he also has good defense using his earth magic. His attacks come hard and fast and are even harder to defend against.

Weaknesses: Amatsu focuses more on attack then defense. He prefers to just attack, attack, attack, and break down his opponents defenses. Because of this he is often left open for others to attack him. He is also slow to use his intelligence in battle, although he will create a plan of nothing else works"

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Nyx
Age: 462
Gender: female
Kin: she has a brother
Crush: nope
Appearance: She is a very strong and lean female demon. She has long, powerful legs and a graceful slim figure. She has a grey coat that is almost white and grey eyes that can fade to white or a violet color. Her tail is long with black at the end. She has a black diamond birthmark in the center of her forehead:
Personality: Easily provoked. She has a very short fuse and is easily angry. Shes also independent, and really hates guys when they try to come on to her, which doesn’t happen very often because she has that ominous air about her, but when it does she get angry…angry enough to attack
History: When Nyx was a pup her father killed her mother and three sisters. She was the only one to get away from the gory attack. Her mother named her after the Greek goddess Nyx, sister of the god of darkness. She was very close to her mother, and when her father killed her, she became spiteful and in want of revenge. Her father tried to murder her, but somehow, in a way she doesn’t know, she became a demon. She possess the powers of:

Materialism: She is able to materialize and dematerialize from one place to another. Basically she concentrates and her body completely blurs out, breaking her down into tiny particles that teleport her to another point

Shadow: She can fade into the shadows, literally. She focuses and her body basically becomes invisible into the shadow. However, if she goes into the light in her shadow form, she is revealed as a shadow and able to be seen.

Spirits: Somehow Nyx is connected to her mother and dead family members in ways that no one can process. She can hear the thoughts and whispers of spirits when she uses her mind and can ask for their advice. Only sometimes does she randomly become overcome with their voices and then she blacks out.

Amour: She can bristle and use her fur as a shield, but it doesn’t last long and only works around her back.

Weakness: When she gets hit in her underbelly at all. Also, the diamond birthmark on her forehead is a very weak point. If she gets hit there, her powers will falter for a short period of time, leaving her utterly defenseless.

Other: meh.

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Carly  (cloud-envy) (xD thanks i loooove her pic ^_^)

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(Yeah xD)

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Quackyduck  (quackyduck) Um, I'm not very sure about this, is this werewolves, or what?

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Name: Shadow
Age: 582
Gender: male
Personality: Very tough and cold, isolated, arrogant, protective. Shadow is especially protective on Nyx. The pair have been best friends since she became a demon wolf, but over the years Shadow developed feelings for her. He's a terrible flirt and is always trying to persuade Nyx from her non-mating ways. Of course, theyre both stubborn, which gets them no where and often leaves them fighting with eachother and angry beyond belief. Shadow takes pride in the fact that he's strong. He might not be as graceful as Nyx but he's fast and powerful, a good and steady hunter with great reflexes and superb intellect. He always has to state himself as the alpha male around other males, especially with Nyx, because he thinks she's attracted to his arrogance.
Kin: dead
Crush: open/Nyx
Appearance: Basically he's big, he's powerful, and he's threatening looking. And he will hurt you.
History: Not much here...he doesnt talk about it
-Sonic Bark: he can wipe out a certain range using one powerful bark
-Super speed: gives him the ability of running super fast
-weakness: other than Nyx would have to be the fact that his arrogance leaves him defenceless...he thinks he cant lose

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