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message 1: by Ann (new)

Ann (annali) | 1 comments I have a pair of Converse shoes!

message 2: by Schmitty (new)

Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) | 29 comments Mod
me too!!!!

message 3: by Schmitty (new)

Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) | 29 comments Mod
wat do they look like?Mine r all white but instead of canvas they r leather! I ♥ them!!!

message 4: by Dr. McNippy (new)

Dr. McNippy (holy_moly) i have a pair of convies!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

oooh, you are wearing cow! shun...tsk tsk tsk...

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments i wore mine today!! they're made of cow? *gasps*

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

No, only the ones with leather. and cows are the most awesome animal to ever roam the planet

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments well that must suck...

message 9: by Schmitty (new)

Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) | 29 comments Mod
Iknow i feel bad cuz cows rock but i ♥ my Converse.....sigh.....

message 10: by Captain Mason (new)

Captain Mason (notmason) | 2 comments i have some pinstriped ones and some normal ones that i skrewed up with spraypaint and a washing machine!!!

message 11: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments Poor Cows!
Spraypaint? I wonder how that turned out.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

cows are awesome and everyone takes them for granted. by fattening up cows to eat them, you are contributing to global warming.

message 13: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments Interesting....where did you get that bit of information?

message 14: by Mikaa (new)

Mikaa (otakukissu) i dont have any convies because my cousin loves cows

message 15: by ~Selena~ (new)

~Selena~ (mariataquitosanchez) | 16 comments that sucks i dont even have any

message 16: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments Awww...can somebody buy Selena some Converse for her b-day?

message 17: by Marit ^_^ (new)

Marit ^_^  | 10 comments i wear my chucks everyday!

message 18: by V (new)

V (vy_viv) | 29 comments I love mines! theyr way kewl i wera them every day!

message 19: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments All Star is awsome too. Original.

message 20: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 2 comments i love it how unlike other shoe companies you can design your own. that is preeety awesome if ya ask me.

message 21: by ♥([Melody])♥ (new)

♥([Melody])♥ Killer-Queen (madmonkeyink) | 55 comments I know..and for us hobos they can send it by mail (hobo mail).

message 22: by V (new)

V (vy_viv) | 29 comments yeah!

message 23: by Grace (new)

Grace (grace_96) | 2 comments i have converse that look like they were grafitied on

message 24: by V (new)

V (vy_viv) | 29 comments cool!

message 25: by ~Selena~ (new)

~Selena~ (mariataquitosanchez) | 16 comments i got new converse!!!!

message 26: by Schmitty (new)

Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) | 29 comments Mod
you did?!!!!!!!!!!!! ggggrrrrrr.......

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