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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Ok, so Lu and I decided that yes we all are interested in books, thats why we are here :), but maybe we all share other interests as well.
One of mine are animals, I love them, and I hate cruelty to animals...
So if anyone shares this with me, please join...
I'd also like to know who of you would like to join me in thinking of ideas to help the SPCA (especially here in Paarl and Wellington) to raise money as their funds have been cut completely, and I dont know who of you saw the news about the horrible people who tied the poor pregnant Fox Terrier to the railway tracks here in Wellington...

message 2: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith That's awful... I honestly think people who do things like that should be shot. I wouldn't want anyone to have to live among such monsters, or for them to be allowed to hurt other animals.

I hate cruelty to animals as well, to the point where I avoid movies or books where an animal gets badly hurt or abused. It's so disturbing. I don't ever want to watch I am Legend again because of that, even though I thought it was a decent movie.

Not sure how you could help the SPCA raise funds though - perhaps help organise a charity book sale? Perhaps some of the members here can donate their old books. Even if you don't live nearby you can post some books.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Thats a great idea Lauren

I hate cruelty to animals, I also avoid books or movies with cruelty involved. I mean, animals dont have voices to speak as humans do. Some people dont think of the implications of having a pet, they just think of the puppy and then not of the dog it will become...

I'm going to volunteer to wash and walk the dogs, also at local shelters here in town...
Even if this thread creates awereness that would be great!

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith That's a good point about thinking of the puppy and not the dog. I think so many people are very selfish when they think about getting a dog - they think it's cute, they want something to cuddle, they want a guard dog, they want the status of having a pedigree dog. What they don't think about is the animal's happiness - are they still going to give it attention when it's older? Do they have enough space for it to run around? Are they prepared to walk the dog regularly? I feel so sorry for dogs that are just left cooped up in little backyards.

What I really can't stand is when people just want a guard dog and don't care about the animal, and then they tease and hurt it as a puppy to make it more aggressive. It's so cruel...
Then if the dog hurts them or their family they'd probably kill it for being too vicious.

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I know what you mean, like people who have pitbulls...
My boyfriend has a pitbull, but its such a loving dog, you'd never tell it's usually catogorised as aggresive.

I wanted to get another dog a while back, but then I had to think about my other dogs (who are both pretty old) and about the space I have for all 3 of them, then about the time I have for them and so on, so I made a concious decision not to get another one... but some people dont do that you know...

message 6: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12664 comments Mod
Yea its absolutely horrible what people do to Animals!
I know I don't have the time or means to look after a pet correctly, so I stay away even if I want tons of Animals.

I like the charity book sale idea! I'm sure we can pull something off. If we make enough people aware, tell all our friends. Tell people on goodreads. Get all the books in one location. I think for once Facebook will also help a lot with this.

Volunteering is also a way we can help.

I love going to the SPCA here in Kloof, Durban. It is so beautiful, but every time I go I just want to take all the Animals home :(

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I know how you feel Lu, I want to addopt all the animals, my cousins feel the same...
We all love animals.

I joined a group a friend of mine created on facebook, its something to do with wellington SPCA, and I think if we work through that we can do the charity book sale idea... get everyone here involved and donate their old books to them to do a book sale. If we can do it at different SPCA's accross SA that would be so wonderful.

I'd love to get big companies involved. They are so involved with childrens charities, and dont get me wrong, thats great, but animals need our help just as much

message 8: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12664 comments Mod
I think we can pull something off. Its just a shame all 3 of us are in different parts :(

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes I know :(

message 10: by Rinya (new)

Rinya Singh | 10 comments I too love animals and dont like cruelty on them.I have a pet hamster and a rabbit - I adore both of them.I have joined the Honey Badger Club in Johannesburg Zoo which brings me closer to the animals I love!

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Ah that sounds so cool!
I always wanted a bunny, but my mother was always afraid our dogs would play it to death... we always had St Bernards... and they would smother the poor thing. Also had Hamsters, and fish, and every time one of them died I would cry for days, and have a funeral. The worst was about a year ago my beloved cat died, she was about 12 years old, she had a tumor, or so the vet thought, and was having fits, so I had to put her down, it was very traumatic for me and sad... but sometimes its the best for them. Currently I have a boxer and a shnauzer.

message 12: by Rinya (new)

Rinya Singh | 10 comments I've never had a dog in my life as my mom doesnt like them!
This is my 5th hamster and I too cried a lot when the others died.I have one of them buried in my flower bed in my garden.Her name was Tibu.

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmauk007) | 1081 comments I think it is really unfortunate that people treat animals the way they do. I sometiems watch animal rescue on DSTV and I often wonder how these people can neglect and be cruel to animals. We are supposed to be their caretakers. It is a known fact that most serial killers when they were younger tortured animals.

I remember when I was about 14 I was on holiday with my paretns in Bulgaria and we were sunbathing on the beach when I opened my eyes there was this dancing bear on its hindlegs walking on the beach!! I hate to see those sort of things also. I have never been to a circus where they had animals, and I never would. Its not natural that a tiger should be performing for humans. It makes me quite sick. Neither am I a great of Zoo's but unfortunately without some zoo's there would be many species that would be extinct now.

When I came to SA I was appalled that there is actually a thing as canned hunting, its not something you ever hear about in the UK. I thought that lions and such animals would be protected especially since so many tourists come to SA to view them. Ofcourse the British are also guilty of their own hunting, with foxhunting which they try and get away wit by saying its traditional. I dont see what the fun os of chasing down an animal until it is utterly exhausted and then let dogs rip it to pieces. You have Bullfighting in Spain, which is the most gruesome thing you ever saw.

Anyway I am getting on my soapbox, this is one subject that can get your blood boiling. lol

I am a dog person really, not a cat. We had a west highland white terrier called Freeway when we were growing up, and then when he died we didnt get another dog for 6yrs because it upset us all too much. Then we got a chocolate labrador called Dudley, and unfortunately he got a rare bacteria in his ear that was flesh eating and we had to put him down. I loved that dog and I have his picture on my fridge here :-)

I remember when I was a kid and we had terrapins and I would put them in the bath with me and they would swim around (Its no wonder they didnt last very long especially since there was radox in the bath tub) I was only young though :-)

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