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"why do you not know this?" axel asks as he puts food in the fire.

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Treyson (treysonlyon) | 14 comments Jake sighed and dug into his food sadly. He had been waiting for quite a while for his god-parent to claim him. "Life would be at least a little bit better if anyone paid attention to me", he thought. "I don't have any friends or family other than my unknown dad." You see, Jake's mother had died giving birth to him. Jake sighed again.

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Kendra (KendraG) Ailis sat down at her table, not hungry.

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Lion Queen Izabel (TeamReallyAwesome) Elizabelle walked in. she knew she would be awesome and everyone would like her. but she still had her doubts. "OH MY GODS" she thought and stopped walking. she reconized one girl sitting at the Hermes table. HER assigned table. its was Allis. her arch nemisis from her old school. "could things get any worse?" she thought. she just HAD to make it to camp half blood. "i probably made it easy for her. I slayed all those monsters." she thought to herself. Elizabelle walks up to Ailis and her new "friend" and sits down next to them. its good to atleast know someone. even if you have happened 2 hate them since 1st grade.

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Treyson (treysonlyon) | 14 comments After dinner, Jake felt like he was going to die. He was that tired.....and depressed.

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Treyson (treysonlyon) | 14 comments (Hello? Is anyone there?)

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