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Jake Wasdin (jewasdin) | 2 comments This year I am trying to broaden out my reading scope a bit and get a variety of nonfiction and some fiction in. Last year I read mostly theology, which I will have some of (as I have many books yet to read!) but I'm trying to mix it up. Here's what I've read so far from my personal wiki where I primarily keep up... but my goodreads library is starting with only books read this year and so on as no telling what all I've read for the rest of my life and I don't want it incomplete! Some of these are really short stories and some books I am working on now are over 1000 pages, so I guess it all balances, right?

1. Death by Love - Mark Driscoll (owned) NF-Theology-Reformed
2. Lord of the Flies - William Golding (read at school) F-Classic
3. The Evolution of Theology - Thomas Henry Huxley (Stanza) NF-Theology-Atheist
4. The Doctrine of Repentance - Thomas Watson (owned) NF-Theology-Reformed
5. 2 B R O 2 B - Kurt Vonnegut (Stanza) F-Science Fiction-Utopia
6. Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carrol (Stanza) F-Classic
7. All of Grace - Charles Spurgeon (owned) NF-Theology-Reformed
8. A Voyage Long and Strange - Tony Horowitz (mom) NF-History-America

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Jake Wasdin (jewasdin) | 2 comments 9. Mortal Coils - Eric S. Nylund (borrowed) F-Fantasy

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