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Democracy and Malthus at the Crossroads

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message 1: by Len (new)

Len Goodman (ljgoodman44) | 2 comments Mod
It’s no surprise that political gridlock and anemic “decision making” seem to be the current state of democracies throughout the world. The answer for this situation is simple and begs the question if democracy can really function without a willingness of citizens to pay even higher and higher taxes. Indeed, the trade off for more functional societies may come at too high a price.

Even with low birth rates, the industrialized societies are grudgingly “importing” their workforce and tax base for the future. The paradox is that as population increases the more difficult it becomes to provide adequate public services. Without a pervasive police force and judicial system, its hard to maintain law and order. The protection of the law seems to be beyond the reach of most but the wealthy and large corporations. When there are no means of establishing and maintaining accountability, corruption, violence and larceny begin to flourish at all levels of society.

Of course, frustration, fear and anxiety grow in lock step, but few want to pay the higher taxes governments claim is needed to provide an adequate level of service. If history is any guide, the slide downhill will continue until there is a societal backlash. And then the real danger appears.

In the name of law and order, the freedoms and rights of citizens become restricted in the name of the general welfare. Shades of gray turn to black and white and injustice becomes institutionalized as expedient decision making turns violent in the name of establishing control. By the time the danger becomes evident, most people find they prefer the clear definitions and boundaries.In other words, the limitations on freedoms will become accepted. When that happens, the cancer metastasizes and another dark age of “the struggle for freedom” starts again.

A Malthusian crisis will not result in a lack of food, but a lack of freedom and a march toward a one world tyranny- for the common good. The table is being set up as the world population bloats from its current six billion to around nine billion by 2050. Or….maybe war or pestilence will do its thing and cut back on the human success story. Or…maybe somewhere dispassionate planners are considering a plan to cull the herd and save us from ourselves.
But don’t tell anybody.
Len Goodman
Author of the Meltdown Chronicles

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary Anderson | 1 comments I actually believe that the elite who control the world, or at least the western world, prefer to keep a shell of democracy. You can feel free to rant and rave and vote and discuss, but in the end, the plutocracy gets her way.

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