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Stephen (stephenT) | 1333 comments Mod
Excitement as George RR Martin announces he's 1,200 pages into new book

But bestselling fantasy author insists that he is not finished yet, and urges impatient fans to 'calm down'

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Stephen (stephenT) | 1333 comments Mod
SFgate SciFi and Fanasty

Three recent science fiction and fantasy novels find horror and bloodshed in the past, present and future. A fourth serves as a tribute to a unique talent taken from us far too soon. . . .

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Stephen (stephenT) | 1333 comments Mod
What's in a name? A lot, when it comes to fantasy

Portentous apostrophes and incongrously-named characters (hands up Terry Goodkind and Anne McCaffrey) drive me wild when I'm reading — authors should learn from the naming skills of Ursula Le Guin and Alan Garner. . .

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