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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) ((rp here))

I am a LoZ & anime Lover!! (CityofEmber) Drake walked to her first class, math.

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Chris and Heather walked into school together, but almost right away went their seperate ways.

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Karson ran to school.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Elizabeth ran to school, she was late, school had started about 10 minutes ago

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Karson looked at her schedule as she ran.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Elizabeth raced up the steps and into her history class. Mrs. Grayson was talking about how Utah used to be an ocean when she raced into the classroom. Mrs. Grayson looked at her sternly."Late again Elizabeth, Detention for 1 hour after school." A few boys snickered."QUIET!"Mrs. Grayson shouted." For disrupting the class you all owe me a ten page report on the history of the Olympics!" All of us groaned. I had been absent when we had done that. I sat down at my desk and grabbed my notebook as she started to give the lecture about Utah again.

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Karson ran in.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Elizabeth started doodling on her paper. She grew tired and dozed off. The next thing she herd was a whack on her desk and "ELIZABETH! There will be NO sleeping in this class. You get a 20 page report.!" Elizabeth walked out of class a few minutes later. The hallways were empty as she rushed to the principals office."Come on in honey, he will see you soon."The attendant said as she saw her."He's a good fellow, He'll understand." She sat down and listened to the clock tick. 5minutes later the principal invited her in."What did she send you down for?" HE asked looking at her" I was tardy and fell asleep."Elizabeth said nervously."Hmm, go back to class, she is a bit strict, even I didn't get a good sleep last night. As she walked back to history, she wondered why he sent her back.

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Karson sat in the back, she was a new kid. What do I do?!

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Elizabeth sat in her chair as the bell rang. She stood up quickly and raced out the door. She headed towards math class as a boy tripped her."HAHA!"He said. Elizabeth's face flushed with anger and she knocked him down. Then she kicked him and ran off. At her locker she took out her book and got to math class.

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Karson stood up.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) As Elizabeth reached the classroom, a few older seniors reached out and took her book.

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Karson walked confusedly to her next class, math, and walked in, utterly lost.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Give that back!"Elizabeth cried at them.
((Anyone may play the seniors!))

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Karson came up from behind them, Taking the book into her hands.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Thank you!"Elizabeth said and stomped on the seniors feet.

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Karson nodded quietly.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) She walked into math.

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Karson followed and handed her the book. "Um... Here. Do you know where _______ class is?" She said softly.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Witch class?"She asked

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((*rolls die*))

"Math." Karson replied.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Right here if you are in the 7th grade 2nd period class."Elizabeth said

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Karson nodded.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "If it is, we're late!"Elizabeth exclaimed and ran in. Mr. Harrison was taking role when Elizabeth ran in."You were next on my list!"He said "Take a seat."

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Karson shyly followed,

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Karson!Glad you could find us!"Mr. Harrison said happily."Your seat is by Lizzie(aka Elizabeth)."

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"uh... okay." She said softly and followed Lizzy.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "We will be working on circumference!"Mr.Harrison said happily. 10 kids groaned

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Karson blinked, her face seemingly blank. She knew how to do that, she knew she did, but couldn't quite remember.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "OK, who can tell me how to get circumfrence with diameter?"Mr. Harrison asked.

Lizzie raised her hand. Mr Harrison called on her and said "C=pie times diameter."

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Karson listened.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Correct."Mr.Harrison said

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) ((g2g))

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Karson closed her eyes a little.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Lizzie was disappointed that he didn't say something silly like he always did. It disappointed her even more.
((Anyone can play the teachers!))

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((idk wat to do.))

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) ((be a teacher!))

Lizzie got so disappointed she hardly listened to the rest of the lesson.

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The teacher ask Lizzy a question.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Huh!"Lizzie said, snapping to attention. A few girls snickered. "I said,"Mr.Harrison said "What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 4." "Oh, that's c= 1256."Elizabeth said. "Correct,"Mr. Harrison said and went on.

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((wanna do the other one's here too?))
Karson looked at Lizzy.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) ((explain?))

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((like, wanna do faeries and supers?))

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) ((Later, I have to go right now.))

Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) ((Briahna))

Lizzie Smiled at Karson.

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she smiled a little.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) "Who will come to the board and try to solve this problem?"Asked Mr.Harrison. "This is a problem that TENTH GRADERS do mind you class."He added

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Karson looked to the front.

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Briahna  Lynne (briahnalynnehollingshead) Elizabeth looked at the floor. She knew all this stuff and more, she just didn't want to show off. Figuring out circumference in her head wasn't a good start.

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Karson knew the answer but decided to let the others try it. She wanted to know what she was up against. But with her luck, chances are she'd end up picked to do it.

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