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message 1: by GinBee, Founder (last edited Feb 16, 2010 02:02PM) (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4433 comments Mod
My TBR pile is huge and there are some books which never seem to get to the top!! I thought it might be good to make a point of getting myself to grab a book I've been meaning to read for ages and actually give it a try!!!!

I'm going to make this my mini challenge between now and the end of March. If your TBR has books hidden in its depths you haven't seen for ages then why not join me?

Just pick a book (or books if you like) that's been on your TBR for something like a year and say why you have not read it yet.

message 2: by GinBee, Founder (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4433 comments Mod
My book has to be [image error] - I've had it for ages and must be one of the few people who have not read it yet.

I've been put off the volume of stuff said about it and the hype, but thats why I'm going t read it now to find out how it lives up to it. I read the first three chapters a couple of weeks ago then heard so many great things about BDB I swapped:) (not had time to really get into Twilight by then!) Also being YA Twilight will be variety in my reading from BDB!!

message 3: by Susan (Suz) (new)

Susan (Suz) (sharney) That's a great idea Jen, I'll try to join you but I already have my next few books picked out once I finish Blood Noir but I'll give it a shot!!:)

message 4: by Christie (new)

Christie (cibarra) Great idea! I'll check my actual bookshelves in the morning and see what's been collecting dust the longest LOL.

message 5: by Donna Jo (new)

Donna Jo (donnajo85) I have a book I bought when I was like 13 or younger.. Song of the Vampire by Carmen Adams.. I found it the other day in a box..never read. Of course when I bought it school was going on and so I had to read the books from school before leisure reading. Then I bought other books and said "I'm going to read these books first b/c that one sounds SO good." Kind of like saving the best for last...only I never got around to reading it.. I think I might read it to see if me putting it off was worth it..before I give it to my niece to read.. lol

HellKat ^_~ Courtney (paranormalfantasies) | 14 comments Oh... this is a great idea! I'll have to look at my shelf tonight... which means that I have more there than I can remember... yes.. this is definitely a great plan...

message 7: by S.K. (new)

S.K. (skmanganelli) Have had this in my pile for a little while : Divine Misdemeanors (Meredith Gentry, #8) by Laurell K. Hamilton but have been reading so much fanfic online that I haven't been reading my proper books. So this is my mini-challenge!

message 8: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley (Trillianne) | 373 comments Nice idea, going to have a look at my pile when I get home from work.

message 9: by GinBee, Founder (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4433 comments Mod
Quick update on my March mini challenge, yeah I've started a litle early! I have started to read [image error] and will finish it in March. Be good as I've been meaning to read it forever!

message 10: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley (Trillianne) | 373 comments Right

My challenge for March is to Finsh reading the 2 I am currently reading and Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1) by Rachel Caine

message 11: by Susan (Suz) (new)

Susan (Suz) (sharney) So I finally picked a book for this March Mini Challenge I chose Wolf at the Door (The Others, #1) by Christine Warren , which I have had sitting in my tbr pile in my room for probably close to a year!!!

message 12: by Valorie (new)

Valorie Hi! I'm new to the group, hopefully not to late for the challenge! I'm going to read Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, #4) by Lara Adrian . I really don't know why I never seemed to get around to reading it, I love the series. I guess other newer books just keep pushing it to the back burner!

message 13: by Mariya (last edited Mar 08, 2010 09:15AM) (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) umm...the book that i havent read which has been in my to be read shelf like forever is vampire academy. i was gonna plan on reading it like last year about this time after i finished the twilight saga but neva got to it and then i got into other books that looked better but i just started VA a couple of days ago and im glad i did. it really is as amazing as people say it is.

message 14: by Valorie (new)

Valorie I finished Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, #4) by Lara Adrian and loved it!! Another great book the Breed series!

message 15: by Susan (Suz) (new)

Susan (Suz) (sharney) Well I finished my March Mini challenge Wolf at the Door (The Others, #1) by Christine Warren , it was really good, I enjoyed it!!! I need to do this sort of mini challenge each month, to get thru some of those books I've had sitting in my pile for ions!!! :)

message 16: by GinBee, Founder (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4433 comments Mod
Nearly the end of March now and I am 330 pages into Twilight so I will finish it later today. Let you now what I think later! :)

message 17: by GinBee, Founder (new)

GinBee (jennymbee) | 4433 comments Mod
I made it. I managed to finish the first challenge I set myself - only one book in it but it's a start! I finished Twilight yesterday. I liked the book a lot, and if I'd been able to read it when I was about 16 I would have loved it so much!!! It was a refreshing change for a love story involving teens to be a romance. Becasue of all the hype that surrounds the book I was almost hoping I would dislike the book to feel justified in not reading it for so long.

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