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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
This is where you can post info on your charrie's species, spells, or actions.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Invisibility: Staying unseen from the line of sight
-Fire Blast: Shoots a ball of fire
-Temporary Blood Bond: Gives the caster the ability to temporarily use the powers of the donor. In this case, it gave an elf sorcerer ogre strength.
-Energy Drain: When the caster makes physical contact with the donor and causes the energy to flow out of the energy into the caster
-Refreshening Renewal: Gives you more energy before the day starts
-Purify: Clean the soul, spirit, body, and blood from any foreign presence.
-Healing: Heals the body of most injuries and illnesses

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Natural ability of invisibility
-Most agile of all species
-The weapons most of them carry are bows and arrows made out of sacred wood which will never break and swords that specialize in durability
-Have magical blood, but not everyone can use it
-Those who can use magic are called Elf Sorcerers
-Elf Sorcerers can specialize in different fields, even though all can spellcast
-Ex. Reilo specializes in Spells including Life Energy and communicating spells

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Natural ability of invulnerability
-Strongest of all species
-Have very hard skin, and carry giant clubs or no weapons
-Scientifically proven that they are the dumbest of all species
-Heal very quickly

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Shadow Elf-
-When anyone who has any elf blood kisses a vampire or werewolf, the energy from both comes together
-The combination of their energies combine into the elf, turning all their features dark
-The elf's muscles develop more than at their natural pace
-The mind of the elf becomes more dark and agressive, and their specialty in magic turns into shadow magic

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
Shadow Magic-
-More powerful than regular magic
-Takes more energy than regular magic
-Once the magic energy is released, uncontrollable
-Will kill user if too much of shadow magic is used

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Riku God
-Very angry
-Hates Max
-Gets nice after a while
-Has unlimited magic powers, far beyond anyones.

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Gabrielle  (ggirlshimko) **What happens if you get bitten by an Ogre**

-Extreme Sickness, like high temperatures that change drastically.
-Pain in the place bitten
-The only cure is a magical powder, unknown name, that you place on the wound and it heals in 3 days.
-That certain magical powder is rare, hard to find, most likely found deep in a dark forest, in a mother tree. You must take a small amount, otherwise cursed with selfishness.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Locater Bond: When two people have the same blood, a caster can perform this spell on one person so they can feel where the other person is.
-Spirit Seeker: When the caster sends out either his inner spirit or another's inner spirit. The spirit does not have any physical presence but still retains all the caster's knowledge. They can choose for certain people to hear them by going into their bodies

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Royal Faeries
-Have all types of magical powers
-Cannot be touched by non-faeries without injury to one's self
-Have natural healing abilities of the making of herbs not actual power
-Intellectual and cunning
-Will stop at nothing to get what they want
-Have natural abilities that allow them to feel what is going around them almost like a 6th sense thing, although they are NOT pysic.
-Their power strength depends on royal status.

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A history about Witches,Wizards,Enchanters, and Enchantresses.

Long time ago Wizards,Witches,Enchanters,and Enchantresses lived in peace and harmony. When Wizards marry Enchantresses or Witches marry Enchanters, the baby has half of the Enchanter's\Enchantress' power and half of the Wizard's\Witch's. The baby was known has half wizard\enchantress or half witch\enchanter. They had a lot of those people half whatever married to what. But One day the ruler couple of wizard Quan and witch Choi had a huge fight with Enchanter Juan and Enchantress ???(don't know what name). The fight ended with 2 bad laws to make.

The 2 law stated:
1.On this day wizards or witches never can marry enchanters or enchantresses. This law also applied to the Enchanters and Enchantresses.
2.All of the babies that are born are to be killed if the baby is half wizard\witch and half enchanter\enchantress.
Until Merliza parents met each other by a tree. They married secretly and had a baby borned with the name of Merliza(my character).

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) All-Encompansing Spell

-locks in a surrounding area in time, so that none may leave or enter, until the spell is broken by the person that is casting the spell.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
How to Kill a Vampire
-You must kill it through its heart
-If not, will reform later on more powerful
-Has to be a physical attack, no magic involved

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Wizards, Enchantresses or both

-good with spell casting
-loves astronomy
-turns pure evil and forgets it's family when bitten by a vampire.
-only enchantresses or both can read people's minds
-only enchantresses or both can understand animals and can talk to them.

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Moondial is a instrument(not musical) that helps tell what time is it with only the moon's light reflecting from the sun.

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Galantag Leaves: Tasty, non-poisonous leaves

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Leonard Santos | 1087 comments Mod
-Mindbend: Causes victim's mind to either blank out, feel pain, tell the truth, control the body, or forget everything they know

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Agnete | 49 comments Half-orcs
-Usually the result of a drunk orc male and an unwilling female human
-Can usually pass for a normal human(albeit an ugly one), but usually has some trait revealing their orc blood(green skin, pointy ears, fangs...)
-Stronger than normal humans
-Usually has a deeper voice than average
-Are an unwanted species, so they are hunted down and killed
-Sometimes are so unlucky that they have an orcs stench, or just a little of it
-Can develop very hard skin if they're attacked enough times in a short period

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