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iron man

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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel okay, so i absolutely no intention of seeing this movie, but then it got such great reviews. since my husband and i hadn't been to the movies in such a long time, we decided to give it a go. it was SO good! i was floored. i totally expected it to be super cheesy and ridiculous and stupid, but it was funny and exciting and action-packed. we loved it!

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel so i *had" absolutely no intention....

sorry. :)

message 3: by Holli (new)

Holli Just saw this movie yesterday and I thought it was GREAT. I absolutely did not expect it to be that good and yet the acting was wonderful, the Iron Man character was amazing, fantastic cast!! Can't wait for the sequel (comes out in 2010)

message 4: by Tama (new)

Tama (anperneecate) A flat out good time.

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