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message 1: by Miche (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments Guess it's time I play catch up and start posting. So far, I've read:

1. Tarzan OF The Apes - Edgar Rice Burroughs

2. Boomerang - Alan L Hutcheson

3. Soul Identity & 4. Soul Intent - Dennis Batchelder

5. Cutting The Cheese - Edward Patterson (would work better as a play)

6. The Lady In The Lake - Raymond Chandler (my new favorite author)

7. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

8. Push - Sapphire (powerful!!)

9. Farewell, My Lovely - Raymond Chandler

10. The Lid - Arne Bue (NOT recommended)

11. Still Alice - Lisa Genova (GREAT book, very emotional)

and I'm currently reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, which I expect to finish by tomorrow. It's definitely a colorful debut novel - fast read and very enjoyable.

message 2: by Miche (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments 12. The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler

13. The Bum Magnet - K.L. Brady (needs much better editing but it was an entertaining and fast-paced read)

14. The High Window - Raymond Chandler (more excellence by the master of his genre)

message 3: by Miche (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments 15. Exposure: A Novel - Brandilyn Collins (Started off kind of slow for me but after the characters were developed, it became a page turner.)

16. eBully - Dave Conifer - Quick, enjoyable read that wasn't as predictable as I'd thought

17. A Thousand Lies - D.W. St John - Read at your own risk. This book has no premise to me. It comes off as something that started as a barroom conversation that was never flsshed out. I only finished it because I'm anal like that.

18. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin - I kept putting this down and starting others, but I must say that it lives up to its reputation. Great story.

19 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson - Another story that fully lived up to its hype; a gripping story which engrossed me for hours and made me want to keep reading. I'm definitely starting on the others in this series within a couple of weeks.

message 4: by Marie-vicky (new)

Marie-vicky (grimace) | 30 comments Hi

I'm really curious about Raymond Chandler.One Of my good friend beg me all the time "you have to try"
Now I feel that I have to try a least one.

Good job in your challenge.You will hit 50 pretty soon.

message 5: by Miche (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments Raymond Chandler is really an amazing writer. His books are written like a screenplay, in that everything is very easy to visualize. He gives you the eyes of his character, as if when you do a 360, you can see what he's seeing and hear what he thinks about what he sees. He has a wry sense of humor, too, which is very cool. I'd never thought of reading these books until someone suggested I try just one. I have read 4 and have 3 more yet to read.

message 6: by Carol (new)

Carol Neman | 469 comments Miche wrote: "Raymond Chandler is really an amazing writer. His books are written like a screenplay, in that everything is very easy to visualize. He gives you the eyes of his character, as if when you do a 36..."
Thanks for the tip...he's an old standard for the 'P.I.' genre. Maybe I'll give him a try, too.

message 7: by Miche (last edited Apr 21, 2010 08:16PM) (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments 20. Battle of the Network Zombies (Amanda Feral, Book 3) - Mark Henry - Campy, light-hearted book that really didn't engross me until I was about 2/5 of the way through it. Once it finally grabbed me, I actually wanted to know how it was going to turn out. Not a book I would normally read though, and I would recommend it only after knowing what kind(s) of books you like to read.

message 8: by Miche (new)

Miche (raven312) | 6 comments Been gone for awhile - life's transitions have slowed down my reading (temporarily - but I am reading...)

21. Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe - Really good story, fast read, but I was let down by the ending. It ended rather abruptly to/for me.

22. Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen - I want to like Jane Austen and I understand that her books are considered classics. However, she is too wordy for me. She uses 15 words where 3 would suffice and it gets confusing. Sense and Sensibility is the second of her books that I've read and though the suspense (if you want to call it that) was well built, by the time I got to the end all I could do was smile and be glad that I was finished. I think Pride and Prejudice was a far superior book, writing-wise. I'm not sure which came first but she showed a kind of maturity in Pride and Prejudice that wasn't yet present in Sense and Sensibility. I'm not even going to touch the subject matter (and her view that every woman must have a man... LOL)

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