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message 1: by K (new)

K I am reading the first in the series and enjoying it! Do they maintain momentum?

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (bookgoddess1969) Maintain momentum? You are on an amazing ride! And it just gets better and better! Enjoy! I can't wait to reread them!

message 3: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 6 comments YES! The momentum builds and never slows. Keep on reading!! You will love the journey!!!

message 4: by Ranata (new)

Ranata Clark (thatchicknata) they rock. lucky you for being new to the series!

i couldn't get into the first one but i came back to it and got hooked! Dying to read the latest one!

message 5: by Vipiflower (new)

Vipiflower | 2 comments I'm read the first of the series, Dead Until Dawn and enjoying it very much. I've already read From Dead to Worse and enjoyed it. I think it's the lastest in the series

message 6: by Terra (new)

Terra Synn (terrasynn) | 11 comments These books don't maintain momentum, they gain it and excelerate

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