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Bjorn-The Last Viking Potions RP

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Carrie | 8 comments Lily runs in she is late for class! She sits down at her desk and looks up "I hope the teacher is nice" she thinks.She looks up and see her new professor... His name was Professor dushla he looked ok but she was not sure. "5 points from your house ms Lily and if you are late again it will be 10 understand!!" He barked, Lily started to dislike him/

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Carrie | 8 comments "Yes sir" she said in a frightened voice. She sat down by her best friend Marrie. "Hi" Marrie whispered. "Hi" she said back. "He is so mean" Lily thought as she grabbed her book.

Bjorn-The Last Viking ((can you please NOT do first person? Its kind of confusing))

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Bjorn-The Last Viking Ulven flew down the corridor flying in to the potions classroom. "Your the scoundrel person late today Mr.Alcarn, please take a set." Professor Dushla said.

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Nicholas Jace slipped in just behind Rose and took his seat.

Bjorn-The Last Viking ((lol ever body's arriving late!))

Bjorn-The Last Viking ULven ask "Sir, what potion are we going to make?"

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Carrie | 8 comments "Lily would you be so kind as to read the first one" proffessor Dulshla asked meanly. "Yes sire" she said,
"aging potion It makes you older in a matter of seconds"

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Nicholas "Hi" Jace whispered back to Rose before opening his book.

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