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RP charactures

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Bjorn-The Last Viking You all know the rules but just encase you done here they are.

House: ((It is required to take a poll)
Appearance: (absolutely NO pictures please!)
Type of wand:
Hogwarts school year: (I highly do not think we will get any more than a year in, but you all start on your first year. When you get sorted!

Bjorn-The Last Viking Name: Ulven Alcarn
Age: 12
House: Hufflepuff (and yes I did a poll)
Gender: Male
Appearance: brown hair, blueish eyes. Um....
Type of wand: Ash Dragon hart string
Hogwarts school year: 1

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Carrie | 8 comments Name: Lily
House:Ravenclaw (so did i)
Appearance:light brown hair, blue eyes
wand:oak, and phinix feather
Hogwarts year: 1

message 4: by Nicholas (last edited Feb 19, 2010 08:40AM) (new)

Nicholas Name: Jace
Age: 12
House: Ravenclaw! (So did I)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, Earlobe leangth black hair, Dark eyes.
Type of wand: Oak, Dragon heart string.
Hogwarts school year: 1st

Bjorn-The Last Viking aww I'm all alone!

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