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message 1: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
You could buy the e-version of Forced Mate on from Rowena Beaumont Cherry.

When NBI folded, the copyright for the electronic version of Forced Mate (subtly different from the paperback version published by Dorchester's LoveSpell imprint) reverted to Rowena Cherry.

The now-self-published version is available exclusively only at (for $6.00 unless on Special) and from the author at

Forced Mate: $2.00 from Rowena Cherry on

message 2: by Pauline (new)

Pauline (paulinebairdjones) | 24 comments Mod
Thought I'd missed another e-only book, but I have this one in print! But on the differences. Now I'm curious!

message 3: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
It's the same plot. You wouldn't want both versions. I sold the e- and print almost simultenously, and ended up working with two different editors, targeting the same story for different markets.

The Dorchester (print) version is "futuristic" and I was asked not to include hard science words such as astrophysics, and I was also asked to remove scientific references such as to the battlefield uses of urine. So, it is more of a spoof.

The e-book version is closer to sfr.

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