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Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
I'm unreliably psychic. I've exceptionally good hearing, an eye for detail, and a near-photographic memory. And, I've lurked and observed from some of the world's most glamorous and privileged vantage points.

I've played chess in an exhibition match against a Grand Master in the stately home of a Lord, and duplicate bridge for money (disastrously) in Marbella, dined aboard a sheikh's yacht in the Puerto Jose Banus, eavesdropped on former Secretaries of State in the back of a tour bus, received the gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award inside Buckingham Palace, been driven in pace cars at the Indy 500, picked the brains of rocket scientists and rock stars….and much more.

My life so far has been fantastic inspiration for romance novel characters, scenes and alien-world building.

I'd like to share my "Mission Statement" which was written partly to warn off speed readers.

My goal as a Romance author is to give good value. I expect to provide my readers with six to eight hours of amusement, a couple of really good laughs, a romantic frisson or two from the sensual scenes, a thoroughly satisfying Happy Ever After, and something to think –or talk-- about when the book is finished.

Here's why I am an active member of many copyright advocacy organizations.

While it is true that some of my books are being "shared" and sold in violation of my copyright, that isn't why I speak out.

I participate in civil (and in not-so-civil) discussions out of a sense of social and moral responsibility, and out of a passion for fairness. And for truth-telling.

I'm outraged that vendors on EBay are able to claim that they have the copyright and "resell right" to sell their "private collection" of ebooks by various bestselling and midlist modern authors, simply because these vendors took the time to burn ebooks onto ten or more CDs.

Worse, many of these vendors post an explanation of what an e-book is. These explanations are partial, misleading, and omit the most important difference between an ebook and a paperback... which is, of course, that you have first sale rights with a physical book --because once you have sold it or lent it or given it away, the recipient has it and you do not-- but it is illegal to create a copy or to distribute an ebook.

I'm appalled that honest readers believe that such claims. There's no way on EBay for those that know better to denounce these untruths.

Yet honest readers pay for these illegal copies, and give public kudos to the vendor, which gives the vendor greater credibility.

Presumably, those who pay for ebooks on EBay would have purchased at least some legal copies, so real harm is being done to authors.

Many more injustices and instances of the harm piracy does to authors outrage me, and maybe we'll discuss those in this group.

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Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Thank you very much for your kind words, Saranna. You are most certainly free to quote what I said, if you like it.

All the best,
Rowena Cherry

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