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Here is a folder and thread designed to provide direct links to online resources that take the form of angling author interviews, profiles, and critical biographical articles. Feel free to add your own links whenever you come upon a fresh one. To start:

John Gierach (author of "Trout Bum" and many others)

"On Writing and Being Written About"

RODHOLDERS -- The Drake Interview

David James Duncan (author of "The River Why")

"Activism, Fly Fishing, and Fiction"

1859 Magazine interview

Norman Maclean (author of "A River Runs Through It")

"Fly Fishing with Heraclitus"

Paul Ford (author of "Beloved Waters")

Jim Harrison (author of over 30 books)

"Writer, Poet Jim Harrison Is a Determined 'Outsider'"

Thomas McGuane (author of "An Outside Chance" among others)

"The Late Style of Thomas McGuane"

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Steve Raymond (author of "Blue Upright" among others)

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William Tapply (author of numerous mystery novels and fly fishing books)

Criminal Calendar: a six-part interview with the author, hosted by Barbara Peters, found on YouTube:

"It's actually in the Prologue to Death At Charity's Point . . . That's how Brady became a fisherman . . . It ocurred to me pretty quickly that fly fishng for trout, which is what I do, is not too much unlike investigating crimes" . . .

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Maximilian Werner (author of "Black River Dreams")

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Ehor Boyanowsky (author of "Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts: In the Wild with Ted Hughes")

SPEAKEASY || In nature, in the wild, is the place Ehor Boyanowsky feels most at home. Fly fishing is one way Ehor satisfies this need for being outdoors, and for years one of his closest fishing buddies was none other than UK's Poet Laureate Ted Hughes. Ehor preserves his memories of these shared trips in his latest book Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts. Speakeasy host, John Burns, headed out to Ehor's home outside Vancouver, amid the West Coast forest, and spoke to him over the sounds of eagles and wind in the trees.

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Anders Halverson (author of "An Entirely Synthetic Fish")

Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 35 - Anders Halverson - By Michael Mauro

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Thomas McGuane (author of "The Sporting Club" among others)

This one, dating from 2002, is my personal favorite with the author and is archived at the Identity Theory website. Robert Birnbaum and Tom McGuane "trade thoughts" on, among other things, how "the corpus of a book emerges" . . .

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Scott Carles (scottcarles) This was pointed to on Tom's blog, but it hasn't shown up here yet. An interview with John Gierach. This is different than the top item about Gierach.

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Scott Carles (scottcarles) James Prosek

Not exactly an interview, but rather a discussion with him from the American Public Media program "Speaking of Faith" (frequently heard on NPR). It's a 53 minute piece. There is also additional material from the website that may be of interest (including the full, uncut conversation, a slideshow of some of Prosek's art, etc.).


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