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Anyone read Gone yet?

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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) My copy won't be here for another 3 days at least. If we get more snow, it will be more

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) I just got it. Nervous. Going to read now. Will report back soon

message 3: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) I just finished. Here's my review I posted. No spoilers! Sorry! (NOTE:I think i'll wait at least 2 more weeks until we start actually talking about it. Or maybe I'll make a Gone Discussion once other people read it. Anyway...)

I should be in bed. I have school in the morning, but I can't sleep. Olympics are on for one thing, but I just finished Gone. After six months of waiting, it was finally delivered, and I finished. I was so worried. After reading reviews I was really starting to worry about what it'd be like. I love the first 2 and had SUPER high expectations for this one. And it might, maybe, just be my favorite one. The first two were so similar because they were stil in school, and it was the same kind of fighting between Janie and Cabel, doing police work etc etc. Going into this one, it just seemed different right off the bat. The Captain is probably only really mentioned a few times, because it focuses more on Janie's family. From the reviews I was worried that there wouldn't be much Cabel (or JaniexCabel, if you get my drift >:)) but there still was, thank GOD. I was on the verge of tears at times. The book I think is probably the saddest of them all. There were a few things I kind of predicted going into it or even before it, but there were times that it seemed like she was going to do one thing, and then decided to do the complete opposite (which is most cases was VERY relieving)

I loved this book. Lisa McMann, you have done it again.
Now I've got to go cry, because my beloved Janie and Cabel are Gone (no pun intended) forever. ):

message 4: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) ok I was going to wait until someone else got on, but obviously that has not happened, so i am going to write this now

It was late at night. my judgment was a little bit off. After re-reading several times, I don't know that this is my favorite. One thing i didn't like was that Lisa McMann used slang terms that aren't really slang, like they came from nowhere


really? i mean, come on. that was just one of the ones i can think of.

but seriously? i can't be the only one on here who read gone

message 5: by Laila (new)

Laila (laila95) | 4 comments First of all, hi everyone. Anyways, I have to start be saying that I really like the way these books are writen. I give Lisa McMann credit. I think that she has a completely different and fresh aproach to writing supernateral books. I would have to say that my favorite book was probably wake. I like it because it was when Jannie was finding herself and excepting her problem or talent...however you think of it. Gone was good, but in a different way. It had a completely different concept, so I don't like to compare them. Fade was okay, but it wasn't the best one, although I will say that it was one of those books that made me ya

message 6: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) Yeah. I'm a pretty hardcore fan (i've gotten 4 of my friends so far to read them haha) and I love her writing style. Random incomplete sentances and all. ON her website she has said it's just the way it came out from her brain. I think that's awesome. Wake and Fade were so similar, like picking up right away from the last, but gone was just...i don't know. It was just different. Good, but different

message 7: by Laila (new)

Laila (laila95) | 4 comments I Totally agree with you on everything.

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather Just finished reading Gone..Loved it just as much as the other 2 but really sad its over ..Wish there was more books in this series :(

message 9: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) I really want to read it, but haven't had a chance to pick it up from the store yet :'(

message 10: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) she should pull a Stephanie Meyers! rewrite them in his perspective!!!

message 11: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) umm... I don't know, I think that they are good as is. It worked with Edward because he could hear everyones thought so it makes it really different and interesting.

I got the book :)

message 12: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) thats good

message 13: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) yap, now I just have to read it :P

message 14: by Laila (new)

Laila (laila95) | 4 comments I wish there were more books from her :(

message 15: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) Ya these are the only ones right?

message 16: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) no. i mean, for now yes, but there is one to be released next year and another the year after that. dont quote me on the years, but I know of 2 that are in the works

message 17: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) Cool, do you know what they are called or about?

message 18: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Diggs (lindsay430) Heather wrote: "Cool, do you know what they are called or about?"
just read the entry at the top

and this is awesome...I've never clicked the reply button before lol

message 19: by Heather B (new)

Heather B (heatherbenson) ahaha really? :P

and thanks

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