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((RP here on the: 20th

Roleplay here when the rp turns to capture the flag, the regular Rp will be closed until the current game is over. When the current game is over, this topic will be closed and the Regular Rp reopened. The flag game will remain on the topics for a day or 2 until it is deleted and the new date is set.

-Lucas Silverlight (Activities Director)

Remember: No maiming or killing allowed. Prisoners may be bound, but not gagged. And have fun!

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((don't start the game w/o me I gotta go to church I won't be able to get one the compbtill prob 3pm srry!!

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((I go to church on Sunday mornings, then I have the rest of the day free and all of Saturday))

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((You switched churches? What church did you used to go to? I am LDS/Mormon. It's awesome xD))

((Yeah I was wondering about that...))

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((yes, yes it is!))


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((You're Mormon, too? Awesomeness!))

((Lol so are you going to start us off?))

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((Lol seriously. My friend is going to join, so that should bring some people back to the Rp...))

((Haha that's a common confusion... Mormons are Christian. Well, a type of Christianity that is.))

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((Hahaha. At first I did not understand what the heck you were saying but then after a couple seconds I got it ;) Lol))


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((oops sry))

"green team asemble!!!!" jade shouted. He smiled as he saw them line Up on either side of him in front of the creek

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Kel grinned. "Here!"

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Delancey walked over to where everyone lining up, and noticed Sierra. "Hey," she called.

Sierra turned around and saw Delancey.

"You new here?"

Sierra nodded and prepared herself for the game ahead.

"Just- try not to slow us down," she advised in a rude-ish manner. She hated new people. They took so long to get used to things and new nothing about everything here. It was so annoying. And showing up right before Capture the Flag?

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((Sorry I had to go so I couldn't finish my last post xD Gonna do that now...))

Sierra gave a quizzical look towards Delancey, but decided not to take it to heart and shake it off like it was usual, which it was.

Delancey got out her celestial bronze sword, ready to defeat the black team.

Sierra glanced at Delaney's sword and instantly wished she'd had a weapon to protect herself with. She wanted to kick herself for not bringing the pocket knife with her, if that'd do her any good.

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Val looked around, it was her first day of camp and she had to do some stupid game of capture the flag! She felt her pocket knife in her pocket, which turned into her sword. Everyone was all over the place putting on armor and helmets. She roamed around trying to find some armor.

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Delancey put on her armor and held her sword, waiting for further instruction from Jade. And then she noticed Val. Great. Another newcomer. Hopefully She wasn't on the Green team...

Sierra, not knowing what to do at all, copied Delancey and took some armor and put it on herself. She knew she had probably put something on wrong, but hopefully she would be okay.

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Val noticed someone staring at her, "What?!" She said.

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Val was ready to go. "Wait!" she yelled "Poseidon is supposed to lead the capture the flag team!"

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((Lol! Bye! D=)) Val got mad, "I mean Poseidon's cabin!" She looked around for back up from the rest of the cabin. But she wasn't sure she would get some.

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Delancey said, "Okay everyone on the Green Team, I need you to get your armor on if you haven't already and follow me into the forest so we can discuss the plan."

Sierra, who had given up the struggle of her armor, followed Delancey into the forest.

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Val looked around not getting any support, "Arg!" I didn't even want to join this stupid game! she thought to herself. She stormed off into the woods, following, she didn't have much of a choice.

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Delancey lead them all into the forest and turned around to look at all the others. "Okay, first off, newcomers stand guard at the boundaries, the creek. I want a couple to stand guard at the flag, too. Now for the rest of you..." she divided the rest into three groups. "We will surround them from three sides. We'll confront them from the front and from the left and right."

Sierra sighed. She felt the need to listen to the rest of the plan pointless. She glanced at Val to see her reaction of the fact that they had to work together at the creek.

"Now we'll have code names for each group so it will be harder for the other team to know what we're doing. Group one, you'll be Sphinx." She pointed at them. "Group two, Hydra. Group three, Chimera." It was like she planned to lead the group in the first place. "And you guys..." she indicated Val and I. "You two will be Styx."

Sierra nodded. She liked the name Hydra better, but Styx would have to do.

"Sphinx will confront the territory from the front, Hydra from the left, and Chimera from the right. Once you pass the boundary line, search for the flag. If you run into people from the other team, match the number of people you found and defend yourself or distract them. The rest, continue your search. Any questions?"

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"Yeah," Val said, "Why do I have to be with her?" Val gestured towards Sierra. "Why can't I do it on my own?"

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Sierra looked at her. She knew she would say something like that. She sighed. Her hopes and dreams of Val being nice were crushed. Oh well. It was expected.

Delancey looked to Val. "Look, I don't want her here, either, and actually, you annoy me too. So get over it. Any other questions that don't involve who is in your group?"

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"No." Val stated, "Why do you have to lead? Keep in mind this is the Poseidon team. Not the freaks from who knows where team!"

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Delancey glared at Val. "Look, I don't know who you are or care, but you need to back off. Lucas isn't here right now and I'm in charge while he's gone so be done with it!"

Sierra kind of agreed with Val, but would have said it in a nicer way. But she didn't want to get involved... drama on the first day was NOT her plan. But apparently Val thought otherwise...

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Val glared back. "Well since you don't know or care I'm Valasca, daughter of Poseidon!" she glanced behind her at Sierra, how could this girl just sit there?

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Delancey sighed. "Whatever. Back to the game, people. Any questions?" If Val asked, she would ignore her and start the game. We needed to win this and not make all the cabins on the Green team look bad.

Sierra sat there, silently.

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Val felt like she had won the argument. "Yes." she said, "Why do you keep asking for questions? All you're gonna get is more questions that annoy you."

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"Just shut up, okay?! We need to start this! Val, get by the creek! Uh... Sienna, I think it is, you to. Everyone else, battle stations!"

Sierra got up and started walking by the creek, slowly so Val could catch up.

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"No, okay?!" she mimicked Delancy's voice, then ran off to join Sierra, before Delancy could answer.
Once she caught up with Sierra she pulled out her pocket knife, "Got a weapon?" she asked.

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Delancey stayed. "Okay, now that that idiotic scene is over, anyone got any REAL questions?"

Sierra hesitated. "Well... um, no." Hopefully that wasn't too bad... I mean come on this is Capture the Flag they were talking about. What big of loss could it really be?

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"You don't have a weapon?!" Val shouted, "Why didn't you use a training blade then?!" She flipped her pocket knife blade up and it turned into her sword.

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"What training blades?" she asked. "Besides, it's only Capture the Flag, I mean how bad can it be not to have a weapon? You aren't supposed to hurt people anyway, so what's the point?"

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"You know the weapons all over the place when we were getting ready?!" Val said, "And then what do you expect to do when someone comes running at us with swords and spears?! Huh?!"

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Sierra was surprised. "Why would they? They can't hurt us or they'll be disqualified."

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"Right so you're not gonna be able to do anything when they hit you with their sword hilts and push you down? Argh you're impossible!

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Sierra was confused. Why couldn't she use common sense? "I'll just push 'em right back," she said casually.

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"With what?" Val asked.

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"My hands. What else do I have? It's too late now," she said. She sighed. Isn't there anything special she could do by being a daughter of Poseidon?

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"Boy I'm sure your hands put up a good fight against those swords!" Val said sarcastically.

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"Probably not, but what other choice do I have? There isn't cool powers that I can use by being daughter of Poseidon, right?" she asked. She knew there probably wasn't, but it was worth giving it a try.

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"How about making a wave hit them? We're by the creek remember!" Val said, she knew she couldn't do it at will, she hadn't practiced her powers. Only if she was angry they would work well.

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Delancey whispered, "Okay guys, go!" And the teams dispersed into their directed paths. She followed the Sphinx group, confronting the other team from the front.

Sierra raised her eyebrows. "I can do that? How?" But there was no time for Val to answer; the Sphinx group passed them, but oh so quietly and swiftly. Sierra almost wanted to be a part of it, but she knew that wouldn't happen today.

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((Woops... lol Emma's chars are a lot of the time named River... lemme edit that.))

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((Is Winn a new char or am I just slow?))

Delancey turned around quickly and held up her sword in front of him, pointed at his chest in threat. "I need two Sphinx," she said. "Everyone else, go look for the flag."

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Val watched as the Sphinx group passed. "You know, with your Poseidon powers and all that." She responded.

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•Ma∂∂ieMalfoy•™•Daughter of Ha∂es• wrote: "(( gonna respond Lex? ))"

((Yeah lol))

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☠Emma☠ wrote: "Val watched as the Sphinx group passed. "You know, with your Poseidon powers and all that." She responded."

Sierra looked at her hopefully. "How do I do it?"

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"Don't ask me!" Val said, "I can't do it at will, only when I'm angry has water ever responded to me."

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"Oh," she said sadly. She touched the water gently, and tried to focus on moving it. It didn't work. "I guess I'm completely unarmed then," she said.

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