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message 1: by ron (last edited Feb 14, 2010 03:17PM) (new)

ron swegman (ronpiscator) | 154 comments Mod
Hi. Have you read a new fly fishing essay, short story, or author interview -- either in print or online -- that casts a new light on the sport, that makes your mind race into the backing, that ends with a whip finish? If so, use this thread to let the Fly Fish Literati know. (Please be sure to cite the where, when, and what page or URL so other members can take a look, too.) Thanks.

message 2: by Randy (new)

message 3: by Tom Chandler (new)

Tom Chandler | 12 comments The StoryARC site has some wonderful stuff - especially the work of David Kim Motes, whose take on the sport is quirky (to say the least).

The site is here:

I laughed when I read his "Rationale" page:

TC/Trout Underground

message 4: by ron (new)

ron swegman (ronpiscator) | 154 comments Mod
Tootin' my own horn here - a fresh attempt at weaving fly fishing subject matter within a wider outdoor theme:

The Fly Fisher's Flower

Enjoy . . .

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy | 34 comments Ron,
Nice story. I posted a comment on your blog.

message 6: by Todd (new)

Todd Larson (whitefish) | 10 comments Nifty. Well done.

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