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CF (mrsclairef) | 53 comments Mod
Heres the thread to talk about the first Catholic leader since Mary I. The man of which the state of New York was named after (When he was the duke of York), and the man that Charles II advisors all tried to exclude from the succession.

I find him quite interesting, it's a shame that his son (The Old pretender, aka "James III & VIII") was indeed excluded, how different history would be if he wasn't! Would the Hanoverian line have even existed?

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Misfit | 6 comments I hadn't known much about James until I read Pamela Belle's Wintercombe quartet - the last two books are set during his reign, the Monmouth Rebellion and the Glorious Revolution. The reprisals to the participants of the Monmouth Rebellion was pretty horrific and aptly named as The Bloody Assizes.

I have another book on the pile I believe is about The Glorious Revolution called Civil Blood.

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CF (mrsclairef) | 53 comments Mod
^ JESUS. I didn't know about those happenings until now! Good grief. This is incredibly cruel!

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