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Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ | 6670 comments ANY NEWS WOULD BE POSTED HERE BY US MODS
If you have any news that you would like us to made public then please don't hesitate to let one of us know. To do so go to the mods lounge and post a message in the 'message for mods'!
Other than that, if you want to talk about what have been posted here, go to the chatroom. THANK YOU

Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ | 6670 comments Stacey is going to have internet so she will be back real soon!!!

Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ | 6670 comments Group Clean Up:
As you may have known, we are having a group clean up. That means all random chatter is going to be deleted in threads containing off topic nonsense. You may have received a newsletter from Starzee [one of the MODs:] earlier in the week informing members about this! If not, then you have heard it from me.

Yes, that means the amount of comments will go down. Don't worry you still can make up for it in the VAMPLOVERz CHAT ROOM.

Please understand that we are doing it to make this group a friendly environment, and a place where new-comers feel welcomed as they should. It could get a little confusing when people stumble upon a random off topic conversation, it can make people feel uncomfortable to comment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to you as a member of the group.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of the MODs, as we are here to help


From the awesome MOD team
Jelbel, Starzee, Vi, Mari and Tiny

Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ | 6670 comments 1. Clean up complete!
2. Sign up for the monthly competition now!
(We will send out a reminder a week before the deadline)
3. Slight change of rules regarding the extra points you could win. If you are competiting in the best pic or most creative name you are only going to get 1 point instead of 50. The most active would remain the same.

message 5: by Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ (last edited Mar 03, 2010 12:48AM) (new)

Werewolf☆Vi☆Iran♥ | 6670 comments END OF THE LINE I am no longer one of the moderator!

message 6: by Tiny, Currently revamping (new)

Tiny ♥Hearts (tinyhearts) | 2412 comments Mod
Requesting a new MOD!!! Sign up and leave us your name in VAMPLOVERS next top MOD!!

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