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'Mae bia' translated into English?

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message 1: by Smiley (new)

Smiley  (reader2009) | 5 comments Would someone please tell me if there is any English translation of the Thai novel, 'Mae bia' by Wanich Jarungkitanan? Literally speaking, the novel title is translated as 'the hood of a snake', but 'The Snake Lady', I think, is a bit more perfect (used in a Malaysian movie title). I look forward to finding such a book for my American friend, thank you.

message 2: by Thongmarine (new)

Thongmarine | 1 comments Wow so good When I know someone aboard likes to read Thai book.
"Mae Bia = แม่เบี้ย" The writer want to mean The hood of Cobra.

message 3: by GD (new)

GD I don't think that an English translation has been published in book form, but there's a French guy (!) who's translated it into English, and you can the e-book version here:

Hope this helps.

message 4: by Smiley (new)

Smiley  (reader2009) | 5 comments Many thanks, Clint, for your kind message. I do appreciate your timely information. It's really a relief for me to know this so I can tell my interested friend(s) on the matter asap.

message 5: by Rob (new)

Rob | 1 comments Hi, has anyone here actually read the English version?

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