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shellyindallas Hey All. A good friend of mine is a pastry chef with her own business. I am linking her website for you to peruse, but mainly b/c I want you to check out the blog. I write it. There is also a link on the blog to cookbooks she recommends. This is a new project of mine, so more to come later. So, when your not busy on Goodreads but still at your computer, head on over to: http://sweettemperedaustin.com/

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Valerie Shelly: thanks for posting this. I really liked the blog that you're writing for them - my favorite entry was for the "enchilada" groom's cake.

I also liked her cookbook suggestions. Everyone should go over and check them out (I know someone was looking for original cupcake ideas.) I'll also post them on our bookshelf.

I hope you get lots of their product as part of your payment for writing their blog :)

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