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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Watched Capote last night. Lots of thoughts jumping around in my head. I'm not a fan of his personally or professionally. He's an interesting "Head Case" at least. Anyone a big fan of his?

message 2: by Bonita (new)

Bonita (NMBonita) | 120 comments Margaret wrote: "Watched Capote last night..."

I enjoyed this movie. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a pretty good movie too but I'm not a big fan of Capote's writing. From what I read, in some of his short stories, Capote's p.o.v. rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

message 3: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
I just finished watching Breakfast at Tiffany's with my daughter... good film... I can never decide how I feel about Holly, in the end.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't like him and yet He seems familiar. Seeking the truth and emotional detachment seemed to be his primary skills. I think watching the movie gave me a different view of him. But it also at one point felt like someone was making excuses for him.

message 5: by Bonita (new)

Bonita (NMBonita) | 120 comments Capote's love for the controversial issues is greater than the empathy he allows himself to feel toward the criminal and the victims. And you can see the detachment even in his own personal relationships. Like it's his way of protecting himself from being hurt. If you never let anyone in, you won't get hurt. But that's just an excuse. He was a coward with literary talent. You can't heal if you can't even acknowledge that you have a problem. Seems to me he was a very unhappy soul.

message 6: by Matt, e-monk (new)

Matt Comito | 386 comments Mod
have you guys read the book?

message 7: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (last edited Feb 13, 2010 08:06PM) (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
Bonita, that's a great point about people in general who won't let anyone in...

I have an old copy of Breakfast at Tiffany's I picked up earlier this year at a book fair, so it's on my list, but I haven't read it, no.

The protagonist -- the writer with so much promise in the film -- writes those lines about Holly being a frightened woman, and there are all those references made to how he tried to help her (?). Which speaks to someone who isn't alienated, but his behavior seems much like the main character in Of Human Bondage. Cool, calm, detached exterior, hiding what precisely, we only get in small doses.

I think the fascination with her character as played by Hepburn is interesting (by that I mean odd), because she is so alienated until the last scene. I don't know... I feel like a woman that alienated is... rare. But, like I said in the Faulkner thread, I hesitate to generalize.

message 8: by Bonita (new)

Bonita (NMBonita) | 120 comments I haven't read In Cold Blood, just seen the movie.

message 9: by Matt, e-monk (new)

Matt Comito | 386 comments Mod
this is like that episode of Seinfeld where George is in a book club...

message 10: by Bonita (new)

Bonita (NMBonita) | 120 comments Anyone know if The Light in August is on video? ha-ha :) I'll bring the popcorn, but no butter please.

message 11: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
Matt wrote: "this is like that episode of Seinfeld where George is in a book club..."

Well, I await your enlightenment. :)

Or... maybe we should all read it before the dork and watch the movie while we're there so we can have a discussion there.

That would mean that you *have* to come, e-monk.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Matt do you mean did we read the book "Capote"? I didnot. I just watched the DVD at my sisters. I'm sure I read In Cold Blood and don't wish to read it again. Breakfast at Tiffany's and A christmas Memory I believe I've read. He had a lot of articles and short stories I think. I don't like him and probably wont read any of his stuff. Did you read "Capote"?

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