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Madz♥-TE- *PJO*~♫Cjaye♫ ---Roleplay here---

Madz♥-TE- *PJO*~♫Cjaye♫ Chance walked throw the airport trying not to be notice, Chance took out his phone and text Shiloh,

To: Shiloh
From: Chance
Meet me at da snack bar, K?

The names Su..(: Out of coincidence, Shiloh was sitting at the snack bar.

To: Chance
From: Shiloh

already there!

Madz♥-TE- *PJO*~♫Cjaye♫ Chance quickly walked over to the snack bar, Making eye contact with Shiloh.

The names Su..(: Shiloh sighed.
"Have you figured out anything...important?" she asked Chance without hesitation.

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) ((So, how can I come in. And like, what's the purpose of this RP, just a little confused.))

The names Su..(: ((ask madz, because she created it! lol))

message 8: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) ((haha, okay.))

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