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message 1: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (last edited Feb 12, 2010 04:55PM) (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
I don't know if anyone else has heard of this. I just found out myself from a friend. Photobook Malaysia is the Malaysian branch of a company that will print your photos and bound them in a high quality album, i.e. a photo book. Very interesting.

I'm one of those old-school type of people who don't really like to store my photos online but I also realise that photos kept in an album would eventually rot away. So making a photo book is the best way. Check it out. Download their free Photobook designer program.

I haven't sent them my photos yet but I plan too soon.

message 2: by Najmuddin, Tok Mudin (new)

Najmuddin (mudin001) | 998 comments Mod
Thanks for the info Khairul!

message 3: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2842 comments Mod
Great idea to keep photos :)

message 4: by Aidura (new)

Aidura (sofira) | 1472 comments Boleh cuba Pixart Photo Books

message 5: by Kataklicik (new)

Kataklicik | 714 comments I tried pixart masa deme baru mula dulu - nak collect the end-product pun saya buat appointment tunggu di sebuah restoran Penang di TTDI :D (I told you they had just started out)

Memang very impressed, sebab usaha saya sampai nak terkehel tengkok buat layout dan buat format photo sendiri akhirnya nampak hasil macam professional je...!

message 6: by Juliana Es (new)

Juliana Es (julianaes) | 857 comments Mod
Oh, ada banyak online service yang serupa. Contohnya seperti Shutterfly ( dan Blurb (

message 7: by Izmin (new)

Izmin Hadi | 1 comments boleh cuba quality nya ok, lbh murah drpd photobook malaysia...

message 8: by Ummu Auni (new)

Ummu Auni (ummuauni) | 538 comments Aidura wrote: "Boleh cuba Pixart Photo Books"

pixart dah tak ada eh?

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