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message 2: by Michelle (last edited Feb 21, 2010 04:11PM) (new)

Michelle (mkirias) 7. Dead Pan I like her books- they have excellent recipes at the end. They are a bit predictable, but entertaining none the less.

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Michelle (mkirias) 8. Devil Bones

9. The Lightning Thief- Loved the book- but the movie was wayyyy different from the book. I enjoyed the movie but I need to remember that the movie is just that a movie with limited ties to the book.

message 4: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) How'd you like the Janet Evanovich books?

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkirias) Sherri wrote: "How'd you like the Janet Evanovich books?"

I really like her books. I find them entertaining, and quick reads. I prefer to read her books through audio instead, except the numbers/ between the numbers series. I like CJ Critt as an audiobook reader, she's got excellent voices and keeps me entertained during long trips and while doing house chores. However, I LOVE to read the number/ between the number series first because I enjoy envisioning those characters.

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Michelle (mkirias) 10. Shutter Island - I wanted to read this book before I saw the movie. I was able to figure the ending out early on. However, it was still entertaining. It was well written and an excellent read.

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Michelle (mkirias) 11. The Sea of Monsters- I am glad I read this series. Its entertaining and has a lot of Greek history which I enjoy but never read a lot about.

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Michelle (mkirias) 12. The Grand Finale I do enjoy the audiobooks of Janet Evanovichs works. They are entertaining, and a nice escape.

Chances are I will finish Man Hunt, and the Titans Curse this weekend :)

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Michelle (mkirias) 13. Love Yourself and Let the Other Person Have It Your Way It was very repetitive, but had a good message. It's nice to have it confirmed.

14. The Titan's Curse I enjoy the series. I would recommend it to anyone.

15. Déjà Dead Not one of my favorites by Kathy Reich. It was evident this was an early piece.

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Michelle (mkirias) 16. Cathy's Key This is a unique young adult lit book series. My students enjoy them.

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Michelle (mkirias) 17. The Battle of the Labyrinth It took me a while to get through this but I did enjoy it. I'm looking forward to starting the fifth tomorrow.

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Michelle (mkirias) 18. The Last Olympian This was an excellent ending to the book. I was glad that I read through the series, and I look forward to other items from Rick Riordan.

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Michelle (mkirias) 19. Hide In Plain Sight I enjoyed it but struggled with the strong connection to religion...

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Michelle (mkirias) 20. The Woods This was an excellent book. I had heard how great an author he was, but never took the time to really read any of his works. By far this was a great one to read by him, and I will definitely be reading more by him.

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Michelle (mkirias) 21. Cathy's Ring It was a quick read... not one of my favorites from the series. I felt that it was written to finalize the series, not necessarily for the entertainment.

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Michelle (mkirias) 22. The Maze of Bones Excellent book. I understand why my students enjoy it so much. It was a Dan Brown type book for kids... I will definitely be continuing past book one :)

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Michelle (mkirias) 23. One False Note I officially love this series, and cannot wait to buy the third book tonight!

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Michelle (mkirias) 24. The Sword Thief I'm def. rushing through the series, and putting off some other books. However, when I finish a book I get to donate it to my school library which has none. Between the fact its an excellent series and I get to donate the books- I can handle moving through them quickly.

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Michelle (mkirias) 25. Beyond the Grave this book had some excellent background of Egypt. As someone who teaches Ancient Egypt it was great to see the information there. I truly believe that this series is an exciting way to get students interested in history. :)

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Michelle (mkirias) 26. The Black Circle I learned a lot about Russian history that I was unaware of.

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Michelle (mkirias) 30. The Spellman Files This was a good start to a series... looking forward to the next.

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Michelle (mkirias) 31. The Red Pyramid I was impressed with the depth of Egyptian history... very glad I read it :)

message 26: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkirias) 32. Storm Warning I like this series, but get annoyed by the multiple different authors. It was a quick read...

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Michelle (mkirias) 33. The Hunger Games I was impressed by this book. I don't typically enjoy futuristic stories, but this one was very different.

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Michelle (mkirias) 38. Ice Cold I was not as pleased with this book as the ones I have read in the past.

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Michelle (mkirias) 40. Uglies

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Michelle (mkirias) 42. The Dead and the Gone I have to say this series is definitely one that makes you think, and has its moments that scare the day lights out of me.

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Michelle (mkirias) 43. Into the Gauntlet (39 Clues, #10) by Margaret Peterson Haddix a nice ending to the series.

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Michelle (mkirias) 44. This World We Live In (Last Survivors, #3) by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Michelle (mkirias) 45. Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1) by Janet Evanovich

message 39: by Nance (new)

Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments Michelle wrote: "45. Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1) by Janet Evanovich"

Just wondering what you thought about this book? I have read quite a few of her Stephanie Plum books, and I wanted to know if you thought this series was also just as comical and entertaining.

message 40: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkirias) Nance wrote: "Michelle wrote: "45. Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1) by Janet Evanovich"

Just wondering what you thought about this book? I have read quite a few of her Stephanie Plum books, and I wanted to know if you thought..."

Nance, I did enjoy it! It was similar and it was nice to see Carl the monkey back. The characters have some "magical" powers (like you have seen with Diesel in past between the numbers books). It wasn't too far fetched that I would be confused.
I am having a hard time with
Troublemaker Book 1 Alex Barnaby Series 3 by Alex Evanovich It seems like once I can get past the comic book feel I think it will be entertaining.

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Michelle (mkirias) I am putting down Troublemaker Book 1: Alex Barnaby Series 3 as read, but not counting it towards my 50 as it was SUPER short!

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Michelle (mkirias) 46. Mockingjay (Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins I enjoyed the series but this one was slow to get through... liked it :)

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Michelle (mkirias) 47. The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1) by Rick Riordan nice start to a new series :)

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Michelle (mkirias) 49. Flawless (Pretty Little Liars, #2) by Sara Shepard

message 46: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkirias) 50. Perfect Just in time! :)

message 47: by Donna (new)

Donna | 1350 comments Which makes YOU perfect! Congrats!

message 48: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mkirias) Donna wrote: "Which makes YOU perfect! Congrats!"

Thanks Donna... don't want to be perfect, but hey I'll go for it :) Thanks!

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Michelle (mkirias) 51. Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, #4) by Sara Shepard

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Michelle (mkirias) 52. Rules by Cynthia Lord

53. Killer (Pretty Little Liars, #6) by Sara Shepard

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