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 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* (ladyjayne) | 400 comments I thought it would be good for easy reference to have this thread where we can post details of other authors books that we would recommend.

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This is agreat idea, I have been going thru the posts looking for ones that ahve been recommended to no avail...and I KNOW I saw them. Maybe we should all just make one post and edit it as we see fit to add more authors and info...just a suggestion.

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 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* (ladyjayne) | 400 comments Okay, I recommended Judith McNaught's historicals as she has been my "go-to" historical author long before I found LK's books. Judith McNaught was the Historical Romance Queen of the 90s IMHO. And for me, Lisa Kleypas is the reigning Queen. ^_^

In Lisa Kleypas' own words:

"The Book Smugglers: Who are your major writing influences? Which authors do you love?

Lisa: I have always loved the work of Judith McNaught, Laura Kinsale, Christina Dodd (who is also my dearest friend!) Kristin Hannah, Jayne Ann Krentz and SEP.

Lisa: I think Judith McNaught is just incredible, the queen, just searingly romantic and wonderful."

This list of JM's books in chronological order and the connections between them is from the Judith McNaught forum. They don't have to be read in this order but do take note of the stronger connections.



1. A Kingdom of Dreams (circa 1497) ~ Royce Westmoreland and Jennifer Merrick. Royce is the first Duke of Claymore, and ancestor to Clayton and Stephen Westmoreland. Published in 1989.

2. Once & Always (circa 1815) ~ Jason Fielding and Victoria Seaton. You’ll have a so-brief-as-to-be-nonexistent glimpse of Roddy. Published in 1987.

3. Something Wonderful (circa 1814-1816) ~ Jordan Townsende and Alexandra Lawrence. You’ll meet Roddy Carstairs, along with the town of Morsham, which you’ll recognize in subsequent books. Published in 1988.

4. Almost Heaven (circa 1818) ~ Ian Thornton and Elizabeth Cameron. Jordan and Alex reappear in this book, as does Roddy Carstairs. Published in 1990.

5. Whitney, My Love (circa 1816-1820) ~ Clayton Westmoreland and Whitney Stone. Here you’ll meet Nicolas DuVille, as well as Stephen Westmoreland, who is the hero in the next book. Published in 1985 and an enhanced version available in 1999.

6. Until You (circa 1824) ~ Stephen Westmoreland and Sheridan Bromleigh. Clayton and Whitney reappear in this novel, as does Nicolas DuVille, Alicia Westmoreland and Hugh Whitticomb, Jason and Victoria, and Jordan and Alexandra. If you read closely, you’ll see a glimpse of Dorothy Seaton, Victoria’s sister in Once & Always. You’ll also meet Julianna Skeffington. Published in 1994.

7. Miracles (circa 1825) ~ Nicolas DuVille and Julianna Skeffington. Clayton, Whitney, Stephen, Sheridan, and Hugh Whitticomb make reappearances in this novella from Simple Gifts Anthology. Published in 1994.

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 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* (ladyjayne) | 400 comments JUDITH MCNAUGHT CONTEMPORARY:

1. Paradise (circa 1978-1989) ~ Matthew Farrell and Meredith Bancroft. You’ll meet Joe O’Hara. Published in 1991.

2. Perfect (circa 1988-1993) ~ Zack Benedict and Julie Mathison. Matt and Meredith make reappearances, as does Joe O’Hara. You’ll also meet Paul Richardson, whom you’ll see again. Published in 1993.

3. Double Exposure (circa 1995) ~ Spencer Addison and Corey Foster. In this novella from Simple Gifts Anthology, you’ll meet the cast of characters from Judith’s next full length contemporary. Published in 1995.

4. Remember When (circa 1996) ~ Cole Harrison and Diana Foster. Spencer and Corey reappear, as do many of the characters from Double Exposure. Matt Farrell is also mentioned in passing. Published in 1996.

5. Night Whispers (circa 1998) ~ Noah Maitland and Sloan Reynolds. Paul Richardson will make an appearance, as well as Noah’s family. Published in 1998.

6. Someone to Watch Over Me (circa 2003) ~ Leigh Kendall and Michael Valenti. Making reappearances are Joe O'Hara and Courtney Maitland. Matt Farrell and Meredith are mentioned. Published in 2003.

7. Every Breath You Take (circa 2005) ~ Kate Donovan and Mitchell Wyatt. Mentions and brief appearances by characters from Paradise and Perfect. You’ll meet Holly Braxton the heroine for Judith’s next full length contemporary. Published in 2005 and an enhanced version available in 2006.

8. Can’t Keep My Eyes off You ~ The gossipmongers are saying…..Holly Braxton - AND - Clay Westmoreland. Anticipated release 2011.

CONTEMPORARY: (no recurring characters)

Double Standards (circa 1984) ~ Nick Sinclair and Lauren Danner. Published in 1984.

Tender Triumph (circa 1983) ~ Ramon Galverra and Katie Connelly. Published in 1983.

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 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* (ladyjayne) | 400 comments Something Wonderful and Almost Heaven are my top 2 of JM's historicals with Once and Always running close behind. Though Ian Thornton is my fave JM hero. I've loved him since my late teens. I just love that genius who is his own worst enemy. ^_^ And Perfect is my fave contemporary, followed by Paradise - of course, they are to be read the other way around.

JM's historicals are much better than her contemps. And bear in mind that Paradise and Perfect were written in the 90s and will feel "dated". That's because it is dated! ^_^ It was funnily nostalgic for me when I read again several years later. When I first read it when it came out, it was current. Now, it's very retro. ^_^

I liked her other contemps but I really missed the magic in her historicals. Her historicals are just soooo special. JM's later contemps (after Paradise and Perfect) are actually Romantic Suspense rather than Contemporary Romance and lost the steam and magic because the romance wasn't the main focus but more focus was on the suspense/mystery aspect IMHO.

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish | 8001 comments Lady Jane, I just finished Whitney, My Love and I sobbed and sobbed in so many places in that book. I want to read Until You but I'm so afraid it will be more of the same. What do you suggest? Or anyone suggest?

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