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What did you think of the Undead characters in the book?

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What did you think of Lord Byron being the vampire that seduced Jane Austen and turned her into a vampire? How about Charlotte Bronte and her mummified family (that was pretty twisted, ala Bates Motel)? Do you see these books stretching into infinity as all of Brit Lit's elite turn up as the undead?

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Laurel (laurelann) | 14 comments I loved them. The mad, bad and dangerous to know Byron is a vampire? *chortle* After a 150 years Jane finally gets her chance with a throwdown with Charlotte Bronte who said some more than unflattering things about her writing. Brilliant. Of course Charlotte's family is mummified. They were so close she could not be without them. I thought Bates Motel also! Too funny. This is high burlesque and parody at its finest. Best read tongue-in-cheek.

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I know it was tongue and cheek, but it wasn't as funny (to me) as I hoped it would be. It didn't seem to quite hit the mark. He was deriding the Jane Austen "phenom" and all the follow-up books, while selling just that. And, his characters were a bit too inconsistent. I didn't know if the whole thing was supposed to be funny or if there really was a plot in there!

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Laurel (laurelann) | 14 comments Ah well, Jeannette, no worries. After readng many Austen sequels back to back, I found this a refreshing new take. Yes, the author was making fun of the Austen industry while being a part of it, but it was from Jane Austen/Fairfax's perspective and frusteration and appropriate. That irony was the axis of the novel. Any other author or artist who is incognito and still alive as a vampire or transported by a time machine or some such would feel the same frusteration, especially if they were struggling to get new work published or exhibited. The author did give her some success with the publication of her novel, her battle with Charlotte Bronte and a new understanding with Byron, so there was some satisfaction for the reader - and for me a good deal of wit and laughter.

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Yes, I did enjoy parts of it. It was a rather clever idea. Way better than P&P&Zombies, which just outright stole from Austen! I did like the shop assistant. I would have freaked out to find out I was working for a vampire -- she freaked out to find out she was working for Jane Austen! lol

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Shaun | 123 comments I'm almost done with the book and I have to say that I'm enjoying it. I think that the whole Jane vs Byron thing is like any typical vampire storyline. There is a "humanized vampire" Jane, who is sometimes broody and over thinks a lot and there is the seductive loves being a vampire in Byron. I thought it was pretty clever to have Lord Byron a vampire (but who else would make such an excellent vampire?) and it just made me laugh. It's refreshing for me.

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I'm glad you are enjoying it! Lord Byron was a great choice for a vampire. And, there is this image of Jane being this timid little spinster, and here she is following Lord Byron for a tryst in Switzerland!

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Shaun | 123 comments I think I'm really liking it because it is combining two favorite book genres for me. Vampires and Jane Austen! I love it. I'm probably one of those women that the book talks about, if there was a Jane Austen exercise book, I would be all over that! Just kidding...maybe.

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...maybe... :)

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