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"Banned" books.

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Rae | 2 comments Mod
I would just like to open up a topic about banned books and just see what everyone's opinion about each are. I know, Rae starts a banned book topic right? But I honestly would just like to start a topic and see everyone's experiences with this. For example: At my school in Europe I wasn't allowed to read V for Vendetta for awhile because of it's anarchist look at British Government.

message 2: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (ch0pstikx) The American Libraries Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom keeps records of challenged books and publish lists of the most challenged books every year on their website, here:

There is also a Banned Books Week every year in public libraries, more info on that can be found here:

As a future librarian, I support open access to information and privacy in that access. I believe in an ideal setting, parents would be involved enough in their children's lives to actual take the initiative to ask about reading materials and talk about problem issues before a student feels the need to sneak around the library looking for information, only to have their parent come in freaking out because the kid found the word sex in a book. But hey, I'm an idealist.

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