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Chapter 1

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Will Langford In this Chapter pages 3-7

Mariam- the daughter of Nana and Jalil
Nana- Mother of Mariam
Jalil- Father of Mariam

Mariam visits her past and the present. Her mother calls her a "harami" (meaning bastard) and her father comes over on Thursdays the days she fills restless and preoccupied. She lives with her mother in a "kolba" (meaning House/Home). Mariam she breaks her mothers sugar bowl that goes to her mothers tea set in which she got after her mother died at the age of 2. the tea set was blue and white with hand painted Finches (a type of bird) and Chrysanthemums(a type of flower)and had a dragon on the sugar bowl meant to ward of evil. After Mariam broke it she though jinn (an evil demon) would enter her mothers body. On the days Mariam's father Jalil comes they talked about the place she was born (Herat). Had taken her to the orchards and through the wheat fields and to the pistachio tree in which a poet of the name Jami who lived over 500 years ago was buried, But she didn't remember and even though she lived 15 minutes away she would never get the chance to walk through the wheat fields or pic fruit from the orchards.

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Eriselda kESHI I really loved this book!

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