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Kevin Hughes (kevinhughes) I'm searching for something and I haven't been able to find it with search engines. So I thought I would try crowd-sourcing it.

I'm trying to find some books I read as a kid. They had to have been published before 1995, and were probably pre-90s at least. They were a series of between 2 and 5 fantasy books involving dragons, but they drew more heavily on Asian myth than European. They weren't published in the stereotypical Anne McCaffrey style with bold colors, and they were probably young-adult sized (shorter than a typical inch-thick fantasy paperback.) I have a vague recollection of light colors on the covers, almost pastels.

Here's some specific things I remember:

- A (female?) villain holds the main human character (and others) hostage under a mountain. The hero is forced to serve her food. He puts a magic hair in it, which she chokes on, and he says a magic word that causes the hair to be transformed into a metal chain. Somehow this trick effects their escape.

- A monkey (a main character) with a gold band on his head, which was placed there by an enemy (same villain as above?). He can't remove it, although he would like to. (Google tells me this is borrowed from Chinese mythology.)

- A massive illusion of an attacking army of dragons used as misdirection. I think it was a dragon who caused the illusion but I could be wrong -- whoever it was ended up very worn out by the effort because of the size of the illusion. I think this was part of the big climax at the end of the series.

- The Human characters (a boy and a girl?) jumping on the dragon's shoulders, which felt like a light massage to the dragon.

- Places traveled include the underwater home of the dragons, a journey across a salt desert, and under the mountain mentioned earlier. I specifically remember something about phosphorescent trails from the human's fingers as he journeyed down under the water. I think he wore a ring that allowed him to breathe underwater.

The main group of characters is (I think) a young boy and girl human, the monkey, and the dragon.

Lastly, a wild guess, but I think the author's last name began with the letter A.

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