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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea have recently become a fan of books written by kristin hannah... looking for some recommendations? wanting to read more.

message 2: by Corinna (new)

Corinna (vegasnative) | 70 comments The only 1 I have read of hers was True Colors. I liked it and would recommend that one if you haven't read it yet.

message 3: by Andrea (new)

Andrea that was my first one.. after that i read angel falls (pretty good) and i just finished firefly lane - which is definitely my favorite so far!

message 4: by Jencey/ (new)

Jencey/ (jencey) I just went to her booksigning here. I have to say that I am excited about reading Winter Garden when I it comes out in paperback. I have read Firefly Lane and Between Sisters.

message 5: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments Though I haven't read Firefly Lane (yet), I would have to suggest it based on the reaction everyone has had after reading it; they just rave about it and don't think I have heard one negative comment.

I have read True Colors and gave it 4 stars; stayed up too late reading it; for me the sign of a good book! I also read On Mystic Lake and remember that I really enjoyed it. I just know I have read Magic Hour, and think I've read Angel Falls and The Things We Do For Love...but really can't remember details.

Winter Garden is ready for me to pick up at the library! YAY!! Just in time for the long weekend!

I know you will enjoy any of Kristin Hannah's books if you're in the mood for that genre; she's a very talented author!

message 6: by Jencey/ (new)

Jencey/ (jencey) I got to hear Kristin read an exert from Winter Garden at the signing. She talked about the idea behind the writing of Wintergarden. She said there are two stories one is a Russian fairy tale and then the regular story.

message 7: by Angie (new)

Angie  (angelitabonita) | 119 comments Read Firefly Lane and loved it. And i am not a chick lit fan at all but this story was so touching. After that I went and read all her others out so far. Excpet for maybe one or two. I would recommend Comfort & Joy or Firefly Lane for sure.

message 8: by Andrea (new)

Andrea ill definitely pick up comfort & joy, because I LOVED firefly lane!!

message 9: by Holli (new)

Holli I read Firefly Lane, On Mystic Lake, and Magic Hour and loved all three. I'll for sure be reading the rest of hers!

message 10: by Mandy Sue (new)

Mandy Sue (mettakaruna) | 811 comments I have read Between Sisters, Summer Island, Firefly Lane and True Colors.

I just got her new book, Winter Garden and can't wait to start it. =)

message 11: by Mandy Sue (new)

Mandy Sue (mettakaruna) | 811 comments Cindy wrote: "Though I haven't read Firefly Lane (yet), I would have to suggest it based on the reaction everyone has had after reading it; they just rave about it and don't think I have heard one negative comme..."

Cindy ~ Want to read it together? My copy is at my parents and I plan on picking it up this weekend. =)

message 12: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1774 comments Let me know when you get it and are ready to start Mandy! For some reason I've been putting off picking it up. I don't know maybe it's cause everyone else loved it so much, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.'ll be fun to read it together!

message 13: by Rachelle (new)

Rachelle I read Winter Garden in one day. I loved it! True Kristin Hannah style. There are two stories in one but they are wrapped together about mid way through and you begin to understand.

message 14: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenf) | 41 comments Jencey, did you go to her book signing in Naperville this past week? I was there. I have only read Magic Hour so far and I really liked it. I have Firefly Lane and True Colors and will be starting one of them today!
Winter Garden sounded interesting, as Kristin Hannah read an excerpt and discussed it. I will likely wait for paperback and enjoy some of her others in the meantime.

Our book club read On Mystic Lake, but it got mixed reviews. I would recommend the Magic Hour.


message 15: by Jencey/ (new)

Jencey/ (jencey) I went to her booksigning in Atlanta. I read Firefly Lane and Between Sisters in bookclubs. We loved Firefly Lane and will likely read another of hers. In mine we read Between Sisters which I really liked but have not heard much feedback otherwise. I will look forward to reading another of hers as well.

message 16: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (missfryer) | 532 comments LOVED Firefly Lane as well! All of her books are good.

message 17: by Wendy T (new)

Wendy T Kristin Hannah is one of my favourite authors. I've read all her books and look forward to reading Winter Garden.

message 18: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (sharon2020) Firefly Lane was my first by her - read it last month and so enjoyed it. I have Winter Garden on my wait list at the library. I plan to read many more of hers...

message 19: by christine (new)

christine | 113 comments Firefly Lane was my first Kristin Hannah book and I absolutely loved it. Every night I could not wait to go to bed to continue reading it and I'd fall asleep with the book open. I really connected with the storyline of the 2 friends. I just picked up True Colors and can't wait to read it.

message 20: by Andrea (new)

Andrea you all were so right.. finished firefly lane - LOVED IT!!! also read The Things We Do for Love - next up.. On Mystic Lake.

Christine - you'll like true colors.. it was the first one I read.
I really love her writing style.

message 21: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 118 comments I have only read True Colors but I plan on picking up more of hers to read! This is good feed back on which of hers to read next. Everyone seems in agreement about Firefly Lane so I am looking forward to it.

message 22: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid | 5 comments I read Firefly Lane and LOVED it. I just finished True Colors and I really liked that one as well. I will pick up more of her books to read, I like her style and how she makes you feel connected to the characters.

message 23: by christine (new)

christine | 113 comments I just finished "True Colors" by Kristin Hannah True Colors. I hate to say it, because a) I heard great things about this book from people in this group and b) I thoroughly enjoyed 'Firefly Lane' which I read last year - but the first 298 pages of True Colors could have been eliminated without any impact to the book. I really disliked the first 298 pages for so many reasons - I posted a review on my page - please check that out if you are so inclined. Mostly, my distaste for the first 298 pages was that it read like a romance novel which I have no interest in. IMHO, the book took a 180 degree turn at page 299 when I feel like the true protagonist emerges. From then on, I could not put the book down. His character and voice was developed very strongly through - his journal writing!!!! I could not put the book down after getting to page 299, but before that, I could have skipped the first half of the book without any impact to the story.

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