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A whole new Perspective

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Jamie Gunter I thought that this book offered a great new perspective on the world of homeless people and hitchhikers. In general, it has always come across to me that people view homeless and hitch hikers as a plague to be avoided. The general perception always comes off as them being nasty, ill educated, drug addicted, violent human beings who shouldn't even be looked at. This book opened my eyes to an entire new perspective, in which these people are just as giving, smart and caring as everyone else, and who have real problems that they're facing... and they're doing so with a smile. It was completely inspiring to see this side of their world. I also was intrigued by the idea of people living the lifestyle by choice, and viewing it as a liberating experience. I think this will open new doors and windows into their world. I'm recommending it to some friends, whose son was believed to have hitchhiked across California before he passed away last year. I hope it can bring them the same new perspective.

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R. Canepa Jamie,
Thanks for posting. In a way, showing that homeless people are actually people, too, was one of my major goals with the work. The self-chosen transient lifestyle also suggests that not everyone of our generation is obsessed with accumulation. As I researched it, I found it both tempting and a little scary. I don't know if I could cut loose like that.

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