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What is your favorite ebookstore?

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message 1: by Belinda (new)

Belinda (bindyb) | 4 comments I love www.kobobooks.com. I think that they have better prices and lots of discount coupons.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (tx_mom_) i like kobo books too. but i am going to check out booksonboard

message 3: by JSWolf (new)

JSWolf | 11 comments I also like Fictionwise at http://www.fictionwise.com

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank (Datatraveler) | 1 comments I've recently started using booksonboard and I'm pleased with it. For years I used Ereader.com but since they were bought out by B&N they've lost a lot of there appeal. I also like Smashwords for indie authors, Baen Books for science fiction.

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine | 8 comments My public library...

message 6: by JSWolf (new)

JSWolf | 11 comments Christine wrote: "My public library..."

I totally agree.

message 7: by Rose (new)

Rose | 1 comments I just managed my first library book (woot!). But mostly I get books from Project Gutenberg. The variety of books available there is astonishing (though they don't have any thing recent).

message 8: by JSWolf (new)

JSWolf | 11 comments I do like Sony and B&N. But then, I can strip the DRM from them. So I am good to go as far as the differing DRM schemes.

message 9: by Ben (new)

Ben (bevenh) | 4 comments I enjoy Google bookstore. Main reason I am able to read my books online anywhere without adding any software to the computer I am using. I just login to Google and navigate to the bookstore and enjoy my books. No problems with downloading to my Sony PRS-600. I also like the sample feature. It gives me an chance to determine if I like the book. I feel confident that the site is secure. I wish the site had a little more eye appeal. Prices are the same as any other book site.

message 10: by ibNell (new)

ibNell I find Kobo has the best prices and discount codes(just Google Kobo discount codes before you buy – to check if the one they sent you is the lowest), If they do not have the book ~ I then shop Inkmesh.com to compare or look for free books. I also agree, Smashwords can have some great deals, and of course my library.

message 11: by David (new)

David Ross (david_a_ross) | 1 comments Not one person listed Amazon - How curious considering that they control 70% of all eBook sales. As an author and publisher, this interests me. My own books are for sale on most of the sites listed above but continue to sell the most at Amazon. I wish it weren't so, that the so-called second tier of retail sites would gain better traction. Perhaps they will in time.

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