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Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 187 comments Mod
Discussion thread for Stargate SG1 - #11 - Barque of Heaven.
Stargate SG-1: The Barque of Heaven
Stargate SG-1 The Barque of Heaven (SG1, #11) by Suzanne Wood

What did you think of the plot? Characters? Writing? Any favorite dialogue/scenes? Share your thoughts and comments below!

message 2: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 187 comments Mod
well thought out, nailed the characters and team dynamics quite well, which is rare. I especially liked how she's written Daniel Jackson.

The story was interesting to follow; I would've loved to see it on screen as I think it would've been interesting, but would have had to be a longer than 40 minutes episode to do the book justice.

The downsides of BoH: ending and resolution. (essentially a bit reset button) Must they always pick on Daniel for the guy who gets all beat up/maimed/mauled?

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth  (canadianbeth) | 28 comments I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I liked the way the team stuck together and looked after one another. I was glad that some of the gate trials were easier than the others; am not sure they would have made it to #12 had they all been terrible. Finding out it was Ra's mate who set them up was interesting, as was learning who Bes actually was, although that was not as surprising, once I gave it some thought.

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Anastasia (tdallonsy) | 187 comments Mod
Indeed. it is one of the better written ones. the team dynamics were nailed dead on. Author must have been channeling the show writers when the book was written.

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