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message 1: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) This looks like an interesting season! So glad crybaby was voted out.

Boston Rob is da man, even six years after he last played.

Man, I can't believe Colby last played ten years ago. I was so young then. *sobs*

I want Russell gone ASAP. I don't think I can take looking at his face, listening to his voice, watching him mug for the camera and talk about how he's the greatest player. The greatest players WIN A MILLION DOLLARS.

message 2: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments I want James to win this time. He and Amanda and Cirie are my faves, but I also like Courtney for some reason, lol.

message 3: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) James is really a likable guy and I wouldn't mind seeing him win. I just hope he doesn't let himself get bamboozled by a group of women yet again.

I've always liked Cirie, but don't like Amanda at all. She has been to final two/three TWICE and did poorly both times. There's just something about her that cast members don't like at all. I think at one of those finals she hardly got any votes at all.

I personally do not think that Parvati is a villain. When I saw her on her second Survivor she came off as dumb and using her body to get ahead, and maybe she did that up to a point, but there was never any cruelty or mistreatment of other players in her game. And she pulled off some of the best moves in Survivor, chopping the heads off of the strong males one by one by one. And she got James to let down his guard long enough so that he didn't play the TWO idols he had on him! She was in charge of the Ozzy coup!

I don't see Courtney as a villain either. A sarcastic, young woman, yes, but villain? I think Survivor is really reaching there.

I can't believe Colby was forced onto the other team's mat by Coach! That would be hard to live down.

I don't even remember what season that Danielle was on!

Rupert has always gotten on my nerves, and he seems pretty worthless this season. Did you see him staring into space during the puzzle? I thought Amanda was supposed to be so intelligent, yet she couldn't beat Boston Rob and Sandra on the puzzle!

I loved how Randy blasted Rob for trying to make fire, and Randy ended up with that goofy, usual befuddled look on his face when Rob did it. Rob wasn't trying to score points so he wouldn't get voted out, he wsnted to boil some water so they wouldn't get dehydrated!

message 4: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments Colby annoys me and I agree Courtney shouldn't be a villain. I hate Randy and see your issues with Amanda, but think she gets a bad rap. I was actually surprised Amanda wasn't a villain.

message 5: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I hate Randy but he had some pretty funny lines on his last season. Who should be a villain is Corrinne from Randy's tribe. Remember her? She kept talking about how popular she was and how she was hanging out with the cool kids cause, you know, she's a cool kid, too. She said some hateful things in confessional, and even Jeff couldn't stand her ass and made a fool of her at the reunion show. She was boo'd by the audience who hated her, too.

Oh, I don't think Amanda should be a villain. I think she played good games on both of her seasons but just couldn't make a connection with anyone. And any maneuvering she did to get to the end she wasn't give credit for. I think they saw her as yet another coattail rider.

I don't think Colby's as good a player as people thought. I think he looked like he was when Survivor was in its infancy. He was ten years younger and much stronger, but he made the stupidest decision of his life to take Tina to final two instead of Keith. And if he hadn't been so nasty to Jerri (not saying she didn't deserve it), he would have gotten her vote and won.

Oh, we were cackling at Coach's crush on Jerri. Remember the next morning how he was peeking around trying to get a glimpse of his girl. I smell a showmance brewing!

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 125 comments SO GLAD SUGAR IS GONE!!

I've always loved Courtney..and I love Tyson. He can be an ass but I love his commentary. I absolutely love James, Cirie, and Amanda. Always have rooted for them. I'm also surprised that Amanda isn't a villain. She got a lot o f hell before for screwing ppl over. I also LOVE JT. He was one that I wanted to win. I wish they would have had Bob on here..the cute old man with the bow tie!

And I agree..Corrinne was an ultimate villain!!

Oh and Coach..he is a character. I don't hate him..but he is strange..but I secretly love him. haha

I love this season already!

message 7: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) This is going to be a great season, Jamie. No lame players that I can see. They all bring their own game and drama.

J.T. is one of my all-time favorite players. He's from my state and I just love country boys.

I don't hate Coach either because I just can't take his big talk seriously. And Tyson is a jerk but at least he's funny.

message 8: by Holli (last edited Feb 12, 2010 09:06AM) (new)

Holli Jumping in here... we used to watch Survivor but haven't watched the last two. Just couldn't get into them but wow, we were sucked back in last night!

I love James and Cirie and actually can't stand Sugar(happy she's gone now) and Boston Rob. BUT, I missed the one that he was on so my opinion may change. He just irritated me some last night. Russel freaks me out, Coach is bizarre, and Courtney always looks like she's going to snap in half at any moment.

Good show last night.... thoroughly DID love when Sugar ran across the line topless and then flipped everyone off.... funny!!

message 9: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments Courtney's a lot tougher than she looks but she's skinnier than she was last time. Boston Rob is kind of like a fungus that grows on you or doesn't. I hate hearing his accent mangle his beautiful wife Ahm-bah, but she's just as greedy and smug as he is. I'm not a fan, but I get why some might be.

I did love when Sugar pulled that out and was sorry for her that her puzzle skills made people forget that. At least Sugar has a personality unlike Candice.

message 10: by Holli (new)

Holli Very very true Courtney!

message 11: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Is Candice that blond chick? We can't even remember what season she was on. I think she's the one they said is so drop dead gorgeous that the crew had a hard time working around her. Uh, she's a pretty blond and all but I don't think she'd keep me from doing my job even if I were a male. She's not even as pretty as Sugar.

I just remember Boston Rob throwing up his hands like "what the hell do I have to lose" and he and that black team member put some great plays in motion to take down the other tribe. I loved watching them get axed one by one.

That was the first time the show ever did a challenge where they made the players reveal the chopping order. That's the season that gay guy cried in his farewell confessional that he couldn't take care of his mother or let her retire or something like that. It was really pathetic. Sadly, teams continue to reveal who's lowest on the totem pole during these types of challenges.

message 12: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments ..."that blond chick" is right, and Candice is her name.

message 13: by Lori (new)

Lori (barfield) | 730 comments We're off to a good start, I guess. You would think with a two hour episode we would have had more challenges. I like quita few of the players this season, good, and bad.

Colby is of course way up there for me. And as it's been said he should never have taken Tina to the top two. If he last the next few weeks I think he'll prove why he should be there.

J.T. what else can anyone say. Jeff said he had Randy in some kind of hold, and said it was country. That's alright, we like country!

Stephenie, one tough and tumble woman. And easy on the eyes. Did you hear her bones when they were put back in place?

I liked Pravati before, and I like her now. I think she's on the villain side because of her blindsideing all the men on Micronesia.

Rupert, I pulled for both times he played. Even though he didn't win he got a million bucks for being voted as the fans favorite. And the fact that his toe is broken in 3 places should tell how committed he is to giving his all.

Boston Rob & Jerri, what can I say I like them both. They played together in All Stars, and if they get together now they could be a power house. I don't think of Rob as being a villain just very confident, the same with Jerri.

Randy, Russell, Coach, and Tyson all need to GO! All of them make me ill.

I don't agree that Sugar should have been sent home. Damn she got them a point they needed with out a top for pete's sake. She gave her all, what did Candice give? Nothing! Candice should have went home.

Just the beginning of a hopefully great season. We're getting some kind of behind the scenes show next week.

message 14: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Hey, Lori. Good to see you over here, girl!

I told my husband when we were watching last night that most of the filming was a bunch of boring stuff like talking and sitting around camp. I kept expecting some more action, too. That really didn't need to be two hours. But I'm sure they were trying to set up the tone of the season, letting us see glimpses into the kind of maneuvering these players who know one another so well (from watching the show) are going to have to do.

I get nauseated when bones pop out of joint, and Stephanie's looked so dang painful. Didn't Sandra do that to her? I don't know if Sandra is acting extra mean and bitchy because she's on the villain side, but she needs to tone it down some.

And I think Randy or Russell was twisting Tom's legs in such a way it looked like they were going to break. Randy scares me. He looks like he could explode in anger and start a murder spree, lol.

I adore country! I liked the friendship between J.T. and that gay guy from the east coast a few seasons ago. I like how the east coast guy was expecting something totally different from J.T., but he taught the guy a lesson not to prejudge someone with stereotypes.

Last season was boring as hell. Plus I had to look at Russell to the bitter end. This season is going to be so exciting.

message 15: by Lori (new)

Lori (barfield) | 730 comments I hope it stayes exciting! It was Big Head Russell who twisted Tom's leg, and Jeff told him he was getting a little out of hand, but didn't make him stop. Did you watch Surviving Survivor last night? It was ok, it told about Ethan & Jenna, both have won the million dollars, and how he's fighting cancer. It showed Rupert's organization
It told about different things. Can't wait till next week.

message 16: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments I just joined so I'm gonna pop in here. I was thrilled to see Sugar go. I didn't even see why she made it in the show! She was always awful at the challenges and never made good connections she just had pure luck the first time she was on the show and whats with the animal granny pants!!?? Does she think she is Katy! Katy would be a better contestant! I'd love to see a bunch of addicts on the show trying to get clean and win a millon wouldn't that be a hit? although probably a trasy show! They would probably fight with people just to get kicked off!
I keep thinking about this show and really think the villians may be the ones that keep the show one to watch just to see what they might do or say next. I wonder why Russel hasn't burned anyones socks yet??!! I think they would be keeping there belongings far away form that man!
I can't figure out who to root for yet I like so many of them. I Love J.T. and Boston Rob I'd like to see them square off towards the end but I also want James and Tom to go far.

message 17: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) For me Tom is a boring contestant. I was glad he won his season...I sure didn't want that witch Katie to win. The contestants on his season made him more interesting, like Janu and the gay contestant, and the geeky, stork-like young guy named Ian. I'm not sure Tom will go far. But who really knows this far in?

Who knew granny panties would make a comeback? What is up with the young women wearing going-up-the-cracks shorts on Survivor. Don't they know in the challenges they'll have to be squatting (sorry not even a supermodel looks sexy squatting!), bending, and stooping? Don't make the editors do overtime pixelating your crotch off the screen! What am I talking about? Of course these women know what they're doing. I just can't stand it. Wear something cute but comfortable!

I'd love to see my Alabama boy J.T. win again.

message 18: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments At least Sugar had better coverages of her assets but the girls got exposed on the first challenge...LOL! I had to hand it to her there she just let vanity go and ran that sand bag in!

message 19: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Yeah, she knew better than to wear such skimpy outfits. I don't think she wore skimpy clothing on her last season.

Huh, if I had Sugar's perfect breasts I'd probably do my grocery shopping topless.

message 20: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments ROTFLMAO!! You made me think of that website People of walmart! There are some people that get caught shopping in some very unusual outfits exposed at walmart!
Can you get a discount on mellons? LOL!

message 21: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Ha ha ha. I've seen that site before, luckily I've never seen such beasts on my dreaded excursions to Wal-mart.

message 22: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments I did see a drag queen in heels with acne shopping with his granny last weekend at Walmart! Called my husband right away! I was like your never gonna believe what I just saw in small town Nebraska! We never see that kinda of brave people in this conservative part of the states.

message 23: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) What? Unconventionalism is spreading to the small towns of Nebraska?

message 24: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments Its!

message 25: by Lori (new)

Lori (barfield) | 730 comments I know how bad this is going to sound, and it's not personal to fat people. Hell i'm one of the fat people. But every time I go to Wal-Mart I see at least a dozen women that are at least a size 22, dressing like their a size 12. It's all I can do to get past them without laughing, mainly because I don't won't my ass beat. It's worse if my daughter is with me, because then we go looking for them, just to see how many we can find for that day. As I said i'm a fat woman, but I dress my weight, and age.

message 26: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) That doesn't sound bad. I'm no waif but I would never dress in pants three sizes too small or tube tops that highlight my big D cups. People have disillusions about themselves. American Idol is proof of that.

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 125 comments Dang. I don't really care for Stephanie that much so I'm ok with her leaving.

I'm surprised at how vocal James is being this season. I think in this episode he spoke more than he ever did in the past 2 seasons. I hope he doesn't continue to be like this because I really like him!

message 28: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Jamie, I noticed that about James, too. I don't think he attacked anyone after that challenge. He was just angry. I think Tom, Stephanie, and Colby made it out to be worse than it was. James was right: there was to be one voice but bigmouth Stephanie just couldn't stand NOT being in charge.

I thought it was funny how he mentioned many times how it was curious that Stephanie was always the last one standing on her tribe. Insinuating I guess that she's so diabolical that she'd cut the throats of all her teammates if it meant she was the last one standing.

I am pissed how this game is going. There's no reason that the villains should be doing so well seeing how dysfunctional they are.

I am dancing a merry jig about how jealous Russell is over Rob. Rob's Survivor greatness is the real thing. Russell's is manufactured. No matter how many times he tells himself and the camera how he's the best, most evil player, it just ain't gonna happen. And Probst needs to stop validating that stupid claim.

If the evil jerks start leading, it's going to be hard for me to watch. I can guarantee that at the merge the villains are going to be stupid enough to break with their evil alliance and absorb some of the heroes. I say it can't happen but it usually does, but these aren't some doofuses (doofi?) who don't know how to play the game. They know very well what to do to make it to the end.

I want J.T to win, but if it has to be a villain I want Boston Rob to take the loot home.

message 29: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments Jamie I said the same thing to my husband about this being the most I've ever heard James speak. He did say some funny stuff though the whole thing about Stephanie being the Kyriptonite that sucks the heros powers made me laugh my ass off! I understand James feelings he just went about it wrong maybe being a celebrity has gone to his head a bit..LOL!
I still adore Boston Rob!! He is the hero on the villains team and watching self loving Russell seething over it cracks me up.

message 30: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Watching Russell squirm is making me happy. What did he say about being King of Something? He's so full if himself and another smelly substance!

We LOAO about the kryptonite comment, too.

message 31: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments I think Russell said he was the king of Sammoa something like that IDK my husband actually likes him cause he is honest about being bad. I have a feeling Russell may have a target on his back if the villains lose immunity I know I'd vote him off right away!

I was curious why they had no reward challenge and just put the reward and immunity together?! I felt cheated out on that. My favorite parts of the show are the challenge scenes?! I also wondered why no exile island or ways to find individual immunity clues haven't occurred? Hmmmm....

message 32: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Russell's not so much honest about being bad as he is bragging about doing evil things so he can be the Survivor Champ of All Time. He's a bogus poser.

I don't like when they combine challenges. What a cheat.

I guess they didn't want Troll digging up idols in his spare time.

message 33: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments Troll....ROTFLMAO! That is the perfect nickname for him Tressa! OMG! That's it he is now a troll in my book! Love it!
They haven't been showing him looking for any immunity idols either how odd. I think the whole BR passing out scene just stole his camera time whaaa whaa...

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 125 comments Tressa wrote: "Jamie, I noticed that about James, too. I don't think he attacked anyone after that challenge. He was just angry. I think Tom, Stephanie, and Colby made it out to be worse than it was. James was ri..."

I agree. He was totally right about everything and calling them out. The only thing I didn't like was after she got voted off and said something was when he was like "shut your mouth"..that's so unlike him.

You all know I like Russell..however..this season I've found him kind of disappointing to watch. Before he was able to back up that he was a good player. I feel like he isn't proving anything this season and he's talking alot about how good he is.

message 35: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Yeah, the "shut your mouth" comment was uncalled for and didn't seem like James at all. Maybe he's stressed at the big divide in his team?

Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) (perpetualpageturner) | 125 comments Tressa wrote: "Yeah, the "shut your mouth" comment was uncalled for and didn't seem like James at all. Maybe he's stressed at the big divide in his team?"

That's what I'm hoping for. I mean it has to be frustrating to lose 2 in a row like that..particularly when in both challenges they were creaming the other team until the end.

James has always been one of my favorites because I thought he was so humble and such a gentle giant. Normally the big guys are the brutes and he wasn't like that and I thought his personality was so cute. I hope that is the last we see of that behavior coming from him. It's so not like him. I can't picture him a jerk! lol

It's funny because I love some jerks and I love some good guys..but when the good guys become evil I can't take it. lol

message 37: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Ha ha! I just posted this info. below on the American Idol thread. I kept wondering where my Survivor post went when I came to see what Jamie had to say:

I forgot to read Dalton Ross' and Jeff Probst's Survivor recaps and blog. Here's the link in case anyone is interested. It's nice to read these after the show and get their take on what went down:

Here are the Heroes/Villains Males/Females I'd love to see win AT THIS STAGE IN THE GAME:

Male Villain: Boston Rob
Male Hero: J.T.

Female Villain: Courtney
Female Hero: Cerie

message 38: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Those are the reasons I always like James. He was even a good sport about the stupid non-plays with the two idols he had, and when Parvati voted the men out one by one. My mom's from Louisiana and I rooted for him early on for both of his seasons. He just needs to cool down.

StephaME remarked that there was more to the argument than we saw on TV, so maybe that might explain some of James' anger. Think I read this on Probst's blog.

message 39: by Lori (new)

Lori (barfield) | 730 comments I was so pissed when the "heros" lost, again. There was no reason for them to lose. James was yelling at everyone to be quiet, and listen to J.T. because he had played the game before. Stephanie would not shut up. I hated to see her go, IMO I think she was one of the strongest women they had, and if she had just said "sorry" (she didn't have to mean it) and Tom, & Colby had stayed out of it she may not have been voted off. They can't afford to lose again.

I do believe Boston Rob had some kind of episode, due to 3 frictions, 1) lack off sleep, 2) being pissed off because his tribe can't seem to get it together, 3) and most importantly holding it in. He was never so wishy, washy before, so he needs to stop being so nice now. He needs to get his alliances stright, get the numbers on his side, and take control. He's the only reason they won, because he finally stepped up. That and the fresh bottled water he had. hehehehehe

I HATE Russell! That TROLL BITCH gets on my last nerve. Me-I- the greatest player ever crap. He is the most self=centered player i've ever seen on Survivor. If/or when they lose I hope Rob has his ducks in a row and gets rid of him.

I'm glad there's no immunity idols, or exile island. Both of them are only a few years known to the show. Most of our players didn't have an extra idol to save thier ass, or an exile island to go to so no one could vote you off. People talked all kinds of crap about Sugar, how she rode on peoples coat tail, but in reality she stayed on exile so much no one could vote for her. IMO that's not fair to everyone else in the tribe that lost, because someone is going home, but not the person on exile. And as an added bonus that person got to choose 1) an idol clue, or 2) comfort, & food. Sugar new the idol had been found, so she had it made on exile. I hope they don't bring either of them back.

I also hate that they have so far combined the challenges. Reward, and immunity should be separate. It used to be that way, but the past few years it's only been separate after the merge. They need to go back to old school Survivor, like when Richard Hatch played.

Jeff said something to the effect of seeing alot
more of the challenges already played before. I hope they go back and pull some of the old school ones out of the closet.

I'm still up in the air about who I want to win.
Bad guys, Rob or Jerri
Good guys, Colby, J.T., or Cirie

message 40: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments Sorry but I hate Tom, Colby and Stephanie so I don't care if heroes lose until they're all gone.

I still want Cirie, James or Amanda to win. JT is a nice guy but he bugs me.

message 41: by SLIM SHADY (last edited Feb 24, 2010 08:45AM) (new)

SLIM SHADY Gontier (heroesfreak) | 28 comments No no I disagree, I believe Russel diserves another chance at the Million bucks... He was jipped last season when Nattali took the money home. Russell is truely a sole survivor. he is my favorite villan. I also believe it should be "Boston" Rob too who go to the finals.

message 42: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments 9 you're obviously a villain...:-)

message 43: by SLIM SHADY (new)

SLIM SHADY Gontier (heroesfreak) | 28 comments ha ha I am indeed.. although I have a one favorite on the Heroes. :) I like James.. I really don't like Rupert that much :/ I don't think hes gonna make it far.

message 44: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments I agree on both. I actually like courtney the villain for some reason...ha ha.

message 45: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments Good one Courtney....LMAO

I can't wait for tomarrow I'm needing a survivor fix now!

message 46: by Tressa (last edited Feb 24, 2010 11:04AM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) District 9, I'm in love with you...or at least your avatar. That nerd really did it for me in that movie.

J. T. will NEVER bug me. I love country boys from Alabama.

I also don't think Rupert's going far. I'm still bothered by him winning that Sprint million dollars. He didn't deserve it. He really doesn't know how to play the game well. Remember when they had to build a "house" on their beach and the Big Dummy (thank you, Fred Sanford) built a basement that flooded when the tide came in? And he got shown the door in his season by Sandra and the Girl Scout leader! Some playa!

message 47: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (courtneyclift) | 924 comments That was hilarious Tressa! xo

message 48: by Karla (new)

Karla (bookarita) | 50 comments That made me think of that movie The Blue Lagoon how they built this two story house on their beach. Being two children they made it pretty well, that is no basement....LOL!

message 49: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I wanted that Blue Lagoon house! Even Christopher Atkins knew better than to build a dang basement.

message 50: by SLIM SHADY (new)

SLIM SHADY Gontier (heroesfreak) | 28 comments Tressa wrote: "District 9, I'm in love with you...or at least your avatar. That nerd really did it for me in that movie.

J. T. will NEVER bug me. I love country boys from Alabama.

I also don't think Rupert's go..."

Why thank you Tressa, I've seen the movie twice... the first time I saw it I was in love with it!!! I love that movie!

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