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message 1: by Lee (new)

Lee (kahi) Met Dr Drew Pinsky about 20 minutes ago and had him sign the back of my nook. He said no one has asked him to sign an Ereader yet... On my iPhone will post pics later having drinks downtown

message 2: by Lee (new)

Lee (kahi) [image error]

Me getting the nook signed

The signed nooked

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (darwindog96) That's fun!

message 4: by Elisa (new)

Elisa (elisatodd) | 23 comments That's GREAT- we should all get our NOOKS signed!

message 5: by Angela (new)

Angela B that's what I plan to do if I go to any signing :)

message 6: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) That's an awesome idea!

If I could make it to a book signing of my favorite author, I'd totally ask them to sign my nook.

message 7: by Chris (new)

Chris (cnam) | 5 comments I wanted to get my Nook signed, but none of my favorite authors have been in town, at least that I know of.

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) That's a fun idea, especially if you have the author's book loaded onto your Nook.

message 9: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Vazquez | 4 comments I have not thought of that! But I think I'll buy a paper copy if I have the chance of having it autographied by the author. I have a signed copy of "The Name of the Rose" that's one of my most valued prossesions.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

My favorite author is Danielle Steel. I have all of her books in Hard Back. If I saw her in person, I would love for her to sign them all, but that would be asking too much LOL I have a goal of getting rid of all my paper books, but DS.... can't get rid of her. I have a large sum of money invested in those books!

message 11: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo I used to be a big fan of Danielle's too. Have alot of her books in hc but the last few I either borrowed from a friend or got from the library. A friend had sent her a letter asking if she could sign a bookplate for her and even sent one and she sent it back and said she doesn't sign stuff for people. I didn't think that was right so I think that was when I stopped buying her books almost the first day they came out. Oh and it was a printed out letter she sent back.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

WOW.. that is hard to believe, but I guess anything is possible, especially when she has people reading her fan mail before she gets to see it. I would think that that wasn't her that sent the letter back, but her peeps. At least I hope I am right and she didn't do that personally. What a shame!
Thanks for letting me know.
I have an Authorized and an Unauthorized Biography of/about her and my mom said "if you read this, you might not like her anymore", so I haven't read them. I have read what the reports about them say. The unauthorized one really hurt her feelings, so she did one herself to counter the other one.

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