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Favorite Book? NAME IT.

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message 1: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
What was you're favorite book of ALL TIME, and why did you like it so much?

message 2: by Dora610 (new)

Dora610 Blood promise.i dunno why.,i love the theme,the caracters and writing style

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
My favorite book is probley crank..or the book im reading now willow..idk because i can relate to willow.

message 4: by Dora610 (new)

Dora610 what's willow about??

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
Willow is about a Seventeen year old girl who trys to cope with the tragedy of a terrible accident which took the lives of her parents, by secretly cutting herself.

P.S I can not Relate to her for ^those^ reasons, I am saying that her personality is sorta like myn, not really but kinda. lol

message 6: by Dora610 (new)

Dora610 lol.i might check it out.i hear a lot of it.

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
its a really good book, you should. did you ever read go ask alice? i was gunna read that next and need opinions

message 8: by Dora610 (new)

Dora610 nope.never heard of it.

Debbie The Book Vixen (goodreadscomdebbiethebookvixen) Breaking Dawn. I won't say why just in case there's someone out there who has not read it. It was Stephanie Myer's greatest of the four books.

message 10: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
I read it, & i didnt like it very much, ;/ i still havent finished almost done willow though!

message 11: by Dora610 (new)

Dora610 i didn't like Breaking dawn at all.i think it's cheesy and has a too big of a happy end.

message 12: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (OMalley) | 73 comments Mod
me too

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