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My writing mind has already begun writing a dangerous hero story. That's how I am wired. If I even think about writing a story, my mind gets busy throwing scenes at me. I usually know my ending, before I know my beginning. That's how I tend to piece my stories together, but right now, I don't know my ending to Trespassing.

I just want to share a little information about my characters and story.

Story Title: Trespassing

My story in as interracial story. Black woman/white man.

Hero's name: Helicopter "Cop" Greene
Age: 30's. His actual age will be mentioned in the story

Heroine's name: Sanjar Montana. She has a nick name as well. It will be revealed in the story.
Age: 30's. Her actual age will be mentioned in the story as well.

lol, I am known for unique names.

I'm waiting for the theme. I know the theme I want these two to be in, but I'll have to work them in whatever theme is chosen for our first dangerous hero writing challenge. If not, then other characters will be in the first theme and they will be in the theme that I want them in, when it's that theme's turn.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
I thought the theme was captive/kidnap?

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "I thought the theme was captive/kidnap?"

Is that's the theme everyone is going with? I wanted nominations and then we will choose on the 15th. But, if that's what people want, then hey that's what I want to write about. Kidnap! :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Oh, I forgot you said there was going to be a nomination. Never mind!

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Oh, I forgot you said there was going to be a nomination. Never mind!"

Go nominate captive/kidnap in the theme thread, if that's what you want.

I don't know how many people will be participating. If no one else nominate a theme or wants to write, then I guess it will only be me, you, UniquelyMoi and Pamela. If they are going to be writing a captive/kidnap story. If they are going to be writing poems, then it will be under the poetry folder.

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Okay, I'm going to share a little prologue.

Warning: I'm not a good writer. The prologue might be corny and sucks.

But this is all I have to share for now, until I start the story in a couple of weeks.

If you scream, I’ll break your neck!

Sanjar can’t see. Her attacker has blindfolded her and although, he has threatened to break her neck if she screamed, he hasn’t done anything to her mouth yet.

“You will never get away with this!” Sanjar screams.

There is no way that she was going down without a fight. Her attacker might kill her, but she refuses to die in vain. She’ll go down with evidence and he will be put in jail for her murder.

She tries to move, but she can’t. Her attacker has her pressed tightly against her island with her arms behind her back. She can hear him tearing something with his teeth - it sounds like duct tape.

He roughly slides the tape across her mouth. “This should shut you up!”

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
I'm hooked already. Keep it coming, Arch.

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If the Lord says the same, more will be coming Danielle.

This scene makes me laugh.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Oh, I love that she won't go down without a fight! Excellent!

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UniquelyMoi *~*Dhestiny*~* wrote: "Oh, I love that she won't go down without a fight! Excellent!"

lol, yeah.

The story will start soon.

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Thats was great Arch.... :) :)

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Arch  | 4114 comments Mod
Rachael wrote: "Thats was great Arch.... :) :)"


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Looking forward to reading this story Arch!

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Arch  | 4114 comments Mod
Pamela wrote: "Looking forward to reading this story Arch!"


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K.  (maddywoo) | 44 comments Arch wrote: "My writing mind has already begun writing a dangerous hero story. That's how I am wired. If I even think about writing a story, my mind gets busy throwing scenes at me. I usually know my ending, be..."

Man, if that isn't the most badass hero name I've ever heard, I don't know what is!

And the heroine too? OOH! I can't wait, Arch! I know you have something delicious up your sleeve

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Kristin "maddywoo" wrote: "Man, if that isn't the most badass hero name I've ever heard, I don't know what is!

And the heroine too? OOH! I can't wait, Arch! I know you have something delicious up your sleeve

lol Kristin. I'm a unique name person.

In my other story on the IR group. My hero name is Parris. He's a prince and the heroine's name is Chocolate.

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Okay, here goes chapter one to my story. Please ignore my errors. I hope the first chapter isn't too corny. I'm just having fun with this story. Read at your own risk.

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Chapter One

Cop watches as his target backs out of her driveway. She’s talking to someone on her cell phone. Instead of staying behind to pay her house a visit, he decides to follow her. He will return to her house shortly and again later, when she’s home. He follows her to a nearby Starbucks. She gets out of her car with her phone still glued to her ear. He sees her laugh and then says something, before ending the call.

Twenty minutes later, his target exits Starbucks holding in one hand, a cup holder that’s housing two coffee cups and in the other hand a bag. It has to be breakfast for her and her sugar daddy boyfriend, Chandler Miller. The two have been spotted out on many occasions.

Chandler Miller likes his women, pretty and young. By the looks of his target, Cop guesses that she’s a least a good thirty years younger than Chandler. She’s old enough to be his daughter. The man is sixty years old and has been married twice. The man marriages didn’t last, because he doesn’t know what faithful means. Why have a wife, if you are going to have playmates on the side? Cop doubts that this woman is the only woman in Chandler’s life. He probably has a woman in every city in Louisiana. Better yet, every state that he visits.

Cop hates Chandler with a passion. The two men have a strong past.

He doesn’t know how long this new woman has been in Chandler’s life and he honestly doesn’t care. What he cares about is getting revenge on Chandler and this woman has to mean something to Chandler, after all, she’s not only his girlfriend, but also a valuable employee of his. She’s his executive assistant. She has to know things about Chandler that his other employees wouldn’t know.

“Oh, Sanjar you are a life saver!” Sheryl, the receptionist exclaims, when Sanjar hands her a coffee cup and a bag with her coffee cake. “I didn’t have time to think about breakfast this morning. I needed to get my children to school and rush to Walgreens, before work, to grab myself a pair of stockings to replace the pair that decided to say hello to my bathroom door, this morning.”

“That sucks. Ripped stockings aren’t good.”

“Isn’t that the truth?” Sheryl opens her drawer and takes out her purse. “How much do I owe you?”


“Are you sure?”

Sanjar lets out a little smile. “I’m positive.”

Sheryl puts her purse away. “Thanks again.”

“You are welcome.”

The phone rings.

“I’ll see you later Sheryl.”

Sanjar leaves the front area and heads for her office. She turns her lights on and goes to her desk. She sees her message light blinking. She sits down in her chair and takes a sip of her delicious white chocolate mocha. She wipes her mouth with a napkin and removes her reduced-fat banana chocolate chip coffee cake from her bag and takes a bite. A moment of uninterrupted breakfast isn’t going to hurt. It’s not like her boss is there. He’s not expected for another two hours. She’ll get to work after she finishes her breakfast.

On the way back to his target’s house, Cop switches vehicle. He didn’t want to go back in his target’s neighborhood in his vehicle. Earlier, when he was waiting for her to leave her house, he noticed a neighborhood watch sign on the street’s pole. And where there are neighborhood watch signs, there are observers. Of course, he’s good at his job. But, hey, he saw an Entergy reader and decided to become the Entergy reader. It wouldn’t hurt him to pretend he’s going to read his target’s meter, when in fact he was going to break in her house and bug her phone.

He pulls up in the front of his target’s house in an Entergy truck. He looks at himself in the review mirror. The reflection that’s looking back at him looks totally different from him. The man in the mirror has a beard.

Just as Cops gets out of the truck, a neighbor from across the street comes outside to get his paper out of his newspaper box. “Hello. Nice morning.” He calls out to Cop.

Cop sends the man a quick greeting. “Hello.” He goes about his business. He doesn’t have time to entertain the man. For the man’s sake, he better mind his business.

Cop disables the alarm system from outside and then goes to the back of the house, to find an entrance. Bingo! There’s a door that leads to a patio. Thanks to his target having a good height privacy fence, he didn’t have to worry about her neighbors seeing him enter her house.

He quickly bugs the phone and exits the house.

Walking back to the front yard, he pretends that he’s looking at something on the clipboard. He falsely writes something on a sheet and heads for the Entergy truck. He returns the truck back to the real reader, who he had to wake up.

Sanjar enters her house, sets her alarm, puts her purse and mail on the sofa and throws her keys on the coffee table. She heads to her kitchen to get a bottle of water and a variety pack of sour cream and onion Pringles.

When she returns to her living room, she sits down on her sofa and picks up her mail. She gives the sales paper her attention. The first sales paper she looks at is for a local grocery store. She takes an ink pen out of her purse and circles the bargains that she will be buying on Saturday, when she goes shopping for groceries.

She looks at the specials that Church’s and Papa Johns are having and then at the tire sale that Firestone is having. Saturday she will be at Firestone, bright and early to get new tires for her car. It’s that time and while she’s there, she will also get an almost due oil change. After looking over her bank statement, she puts all the mail on the coffee table for now.

She picks up the remote control off the coffee table and sits back on her sofa. She turns her TV on and to TNT. It’s 5:30 p.m. and Law and Order is still playing. She’s waiting for her show – Bones, to come on.

Her phone rings. The caller ID indicates it’s her friend, Veronica calling. She answers on the second ring. “Hello.”

“Hey Sanjar, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. I am just waiting for Bones to come on.” She says excitedly.

She and Veronica like watching Bones. She recently bought season 1-3 new online, from a manufacturer that was selling them at a good deal. She couldn’t pass up the bargain. That’s one of her favorite shows.

Cop is listening to the women conversation.

”Yeah, it won’t be long before our show comes on.”

“I can’t wait to see juicy lips and pretty eyes.”


Cop just learned his target’s name. He didn’t know her name, until now. She was a blank screen to him and he never cared about blank screen names before. Her name wasn’t important to him. She’s disposal to him. She will not be any good to him, after he gets what he wants.

”What Veronica! It’s not like the names doesn’t fit the men. Sweets has kissable lips. Admit it, I’m telling the truth.”

“You are.”

“His bottom lip is juicy. I can just focus on that bottom lip of his.”

Cop sighs. “Women!”

”And what can you do to pretty eyes?”

“What can I do to doctor pretty eyes? Get lost in those blue eyes. He’s sporting the medium beard well. It brings out his handsomeness.”

“So, you would get lost in Dr. Jack’s eyes and devour Dr. Sweets bottom lip?”


“So, you are a young woman who isn’t blind to the fact that younger men exist. The question is why are you with an old buzzard like Chandler?”

Sanjar doesn’t answer, because she’s not in his presence.

“Could it be old man, money and young man, entertainment?”

”What about Booth?”

“He’s a funny guy and all, but I don’t find him attractive.”

“Why, because he has the vampire look?”

Sanjar’s laughter reaches his ear again.

”David is Booth and not Angel.”

“I know. But, doesn’t he have the vampire look?”

“Yes and that’s not why I don’t find him attractive.”

“Then why?”

“He’s just not my type. Bones can have him. Sweets and Dr. Jack are fine enough for me.”

“I hear you, girl.”

Ten minutes later, the women Bones discussion finally came to an end.

When the women end the call, Cop’s listening device flat lines.

“Enjoy Bones Sanjar, because I am coming for you.”

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Chapter One, Cont.

Sanjar walks in her kitchen. She has recently finished taking a nice hot shower and now is hungry. Most people don’t eat after seven o’clock, but Sanjar doesn’t fit in that category. When she’s hungry, she’ll eat.

She turns on the radio on her counter. A techno song comes on. “That’s my song.”

Two things that Sanjar likes: Good music and dancing.

She starts dancing, doing a mixture of dances: Afro-Latin and Belly dance.

She dances for a minute and thirty seconds, before she decides to give her refrigerator her attention.

She dances over to her refrigerator and opens it. She dancingly gets the things to make her sandwich: a pack of turkey, cheese, squeezed bottle of mayo, lettuce and tomato. She closes the fridge door with her foot. She puts everything on her island and gets the bread from the bread storage. When she puts the bread down, she does a shoulder shimmy.

She stays in one spot and just does belly dance moves, while she fixes her sandwich. She even joins in the singing.

“Play it again.” She tells the radio station.

Of course, the radio station is not going to play that song back to back.

“That’s okay, I have my own CD with that song.”

Her CD is a mix CD with all the latest hit songs.

Cop was going to get Sanjar as soon as she walked in the kitchen, but stopped in his track, when the woman puts on her radio and started dancing. It’s not like he never seen a woman dance before. He has seen woman danced before and danced with plenty at a club. But, it was something about this woman and her dancing.

She didn’t put on her unaware she’s entertaining dance show, in a pajama pants set, but in a brown camouflage boy short set instead, displaying long dark brown legs. The shorts came as far down to cover a little thigh. It didn’t appear clingy. Neither was the tank top clingy. Her breasts aren’t that big either. 32C maybe.

The dancer has her black hair in a ponytail. The tail stops at the middle of her shoulders.

Cop waits until after Sanjar starts putting her things back in the refrigerator, before he makes his move. With her back towards him, he quietly sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes with a blindfold.

“If you scream, I’ll break your neck!” He tells her chillingly.

Sanjar freezes. She didn’t hear anyone come in her house. She did set her alarm, right? She remembers setting it. Why hasn’t it gone off?

Her attacker roughly pulls her away from the fridge and brings her over to the island and pins her to it.

Sanjar can’t see. Her attacker has blindfolded her and although, he has threatened to break her neck if she screamed, he hasn’t done anything to her mouth yet.

“You will never get away with this!” Sanjar screams.

There is no way that she was going down without a fight. Her attacker might kill her, but she refuses to die in vain. She’ll go down with evidence and he will be put in jail for her murder.

She has watched enough Law & Order SVU, CSI Miami and other shows to know that getting evidence is a good thing.

She tries to move, but she can’t. Her attacker has her pressed tightly against her island with her arms behind her back. She can hear him tearing something with his teeth - it sounds like duct tape.

He roughly slides the tape across her mouth. “This should shut you up!”

She starts moving again. She hopes that her movement makes her attacker ease up on his hold on her, so that she can fight him. She doesn’t want to get rape or killed.

“Stop moving like a worm!”

She ignores the attacker and keeps moving. Finally she isn’t being held tightly anymore. She figures the attacker is about to do something to her. She can’t turn around, but she can use her foot to stomp on his foot and that’s what she does with her right foot. He doesn’t budge. She tries again with her left foot.

“You must not like your feet.” He tells her in her ear. “Step on my foot again and I’ll detach your feet from your body.”

Cop manages to tie Sanjar’s hands behind her back, in the midst of her still wriggling like a worm.

“Good night worm.” With that said, he knocks her out, turns her around and throws her over his shoulder and leaves her house.

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Chapter One, Cont.

Sanjar gasps when cold water hits her face; Her movement alerts her that she has been fasten to a chair with a rope around her waist and her left hand handcuffed to the table’s leg.

She scowls at her kidnapper, who has that unreal look to him. It’s as if you have to touch him to make sure he’s real.

He’s not moving. Just looking at her. But that doesn’t last long. The mannequin turns real.

“Eat.” He demands.

Sanjar looks at the half sandwich on the plate before her and the glass of milk, before looking at the bald man with the rich green eyes. “I’m not hungry.”

“You were hungry, when you have prepared this sandwich at your house.”

She had fixed herself a whole sandwich, not a half sandwich. What happened to the other half? “I didn’t fix this sandwich.”

“Then who did?”

“Is something wrong with your vision? My sandwich was whole.” She pushes the plate towards him. “This is a half sandwich.”

Cop pushes the plate back in the front of her. “I ate the other half.”

He ate the other half? She thinks to herself. “And poison this half.” She states.

“I don’t believe in slow deaths.” He stands up. “I’m going to take a shower, when I get back, I better not still see that sandwich.”

Sanjar eyes follow the cold-hearted snake, until he disappears. She doesn’t know why he kidnapped her. Who would want her? She’s a good girl. Well, she can have a little bad fun, but her fun shouldn’t warrant her to be kidnapped, right?

She lets her mind drifts back to last month, when she attended a game night at a male friend’s house. The game of the night was Monopoly and during her turn, she landed in jail. She recalls what Jeff said, when she was in jail. Lets leave Sanjar in jail, maybe she can get one of the cop’s phone number… How long has it been, since you've been on a date? No boyfriend yet? You need to be captured.

Her friend Jeff was being bad. The week before the game, he tried to introduce her to a coworker, while they were out eating and she wasn’t interested.

Did Jeff set up this kidnapping? Wait until I see him again.

She pauses for a second. “I don’t believe in slow deaths.” isn’t something a prank kidnapper would say. Neither would a prank kidnapper manhandled her in her house, knock her out and brings her to a place, where he ties her up to a chair and handcuffs her to a table.

Her body responds to the realization that the bald man is in fact a real kidnapper. She has watched enough movies with bad guys to know that majority of the time the bald man in a movie is the bad guy - The guy that would get pleasure in doing bad things to a woman, before killing her.

She needs to get out of here. She looks towards the hall that the man has gone down and then at the front door. She stands up and almost falls over onto the table; thanks for her right hand being free, she stops the fall. She pounds the table. “No!” She cries out.

Fifteen minutes later, Cop returns to the table, wearing only a pair of blue madras jockey fashion full cut boxers. He sees that Sanjar hasn’t touched her food. He politely removes the plate and glass of milk from in the front of her and takes it with him to his seat.

Sanjar glares at him.

“You had your chance to eat your food.”

“Why am I here?”

Instead of answering her, Cop sits back onto his chair and bites into her sandwich, while keeping eye contact with her.

Sanjar breaks eye contact with him. Her curious eyes decide to betray her, by taking the time out to examine the man that’s sitting half naked in the front of her. He has a nice physique. Not bulky, but the right amount of tone muscular arms, ripped chest and lean six-pack abs. After taking in his abs, her eyes raises back to his left chest, where she saw a branded heart the size of a heart shaped cookie.

“Are you finished drooling over my body?”

Sanjar looks at her kidnapper. “I wasn’t drooling over your body.” She snaps at him. “And you should put on some clothes.”

“I have clothes on.”

“You’re half naked.”

“Really? And here I thought we were going to have a pajama party.”

“Well, you thought wrong.”

The man goes back to eating her sandwich and looking at her.

“Stop looking at me.” Sanjar tells him, as if he was going to obey her. Her demand only made him look at her deeper.

She focuses on the table. “What do you want? I hope not money, because there’s no money for a ransom.”

Sex comes to her mind. It’s possible that he wants a sex slave and that’s something that she doesn’t want to be for this evil man.

Evil is what he is. He has the whole evil, baldhead look packed down. But, unlike some of the bad bald guys in the movies, her kidnapper is cute. Why does he has to be one of the cute bad guys?”

His complete baldness doesn’t make him look weird. It fits him just right. He’s actually a looker - a very sexy looking man. One that cuteness would display with or without hair. She thinks Bruce Willis looks sexy baldhead, but this man is more of a Nathan Lyon sexy.

Sanjar is tired of the silent treatment. “Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Cop drinks the last of the milk, gets up from the chair and heads to the kitchen to take care of the dishes. His departure was brief. “It’s time to go to bed.” He moves towards her.

Sex slave! “Don’t touch me.” Sanjar shouts at him.

Her demand falls on deaf ears. The man is touching her. In a quick move, he removes the cuff from the table, brings both of her arms behind her back and clamps the cuff to her free wrist.

Sanjar tries to get away from the man. “Let go of me!”

Of course she’s being ignored. The man is holding onto her left arm tight. If she wanted to fall to the ground, she couldn’t. The man is solid and his grip is secured.

The two of them enter his master bedroom. Without looking at her, he asks, “Do you have to use the bathroom?”

No answer

Cops heads for the right side of the bed.

“Don’t do this! Please don’t do this!” Sanjar pleas.

Cops moves back the cover and sheet. He unsnaps the cuff from her left wrist. “Get in the bed.”

Sanjar doesn’t move.

“Look woman, I am not going to tell you again. Get in the bed!” He tells her through clench teeth.

Sanjar gets in the bed. Her heart is beating fast. This is not how she wants to lose her virginity.

“Lie down on your right side.”

The coldness in his eyes tells her that he isn’t in the mood to play. She lies on her right side. Let him kill me! she prays - he handcuffs both of her wrists to the headboard rail.

Cop covers her and goes on the other side of the bed and gets in. He lies down on his back. “You’ve asked me what I wanted. The answer is your boyfriend.”

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That was awesome, Arch. I hope you're going to write fast!!!

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "That was awesome, Arch. I hope you're going to write fast!!!"

lol, why fast?

I'm writing a little something right now, but I have two more pages or maybe one, before I post it.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
So I can keep reading it. :)

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "So I can keep reading it. :)"

lol, hopefully, the next installment will be up after work.

I hope the cheesy story is making sense. I'm having fun. My writing mind is running.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
It's not cheesy at all. I'm loving it, Arch!

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "It's not cheesy at all. I'm loving it, Arch!"

Awww, thanks!

You know I tend to write in the present tense and make my stories sound like a movie.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
I'm sucked in!!

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Arch  | 4114 comments Mod
Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "I'm sucked in!!"

Awww, thanks! :)

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Chapter Two

The next morning, Sanjar wakes up to the smell of breakfast. Her bladder is singing to her to go give the toilet a deposit.

She doesn’t want to wet on herself. “Hello!” She yells at the top of her lungs.

A minute has passed and her kidnapper didn’t come see about her, so she yells again to get his attention. “Hello!”

“Why are you yelling?” She hears her kidnapper asks.

“I need to go to bathroom.”

Her kidnapper goes to her side of the bed. She can see that he’s dressed. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He removes the cover and sheet from her, followed by removing the cuff from her left arm and clasping the back on, once her hand was removed from the rail. “Sit up and don’t try anything.”

He helps her out of the bed and leads her to his master bathroom. “Go ahead.” He lets her go in the bathroom alone. He starts to close the door. “Don’t lock the door.”

She looks at him.

“If you do, I’ll punish you.”

Sanjar shakes her head lightly in agreement, before turning her back on him.

“I’ve put out a fresh toothbrush pack, mini toothpaste and mini scope on the sink for you and there’s a face towel on the towel handle.” With that said, he closes the door and stands outside.

Sanjar examines the master bathroom. She wouldn’t really call it a master bathroom, because it’s a standard bathroom. There’s only one sink, a toilet and a tub/shower combination surrounded by glass.

This is where he took a shower last night.

“Sanjar, focus.” She tells herself.

She has to do her tasks with handcuffs on.

She goes over to the toilet – the seat is up. Of course it would be, he’s a man. Thank goodness the toilet was clean. No pee stains. She uses a paper towel to put down the seat.

She doesn’t like sitting on anyone’s toilet and his is no different.

Her tasks were a little difficult, but she managed to get the job done. Ten minutes later, she opens the bathroom door, to find her kidnapper facing her.

“Finished?” He asks.

“Yes.” She answers.

She wishes he would remove the handcuffs.

When they enter the dining area, she sees a set table. There’s a plate with bacon, one with scramble eggs and another with biscuits and a bowl of grits. There’s also a bottle of syrup, a jar of grape jelly, two bottles of school milk and school orange juice.

He cooks? She thinks to herself. That’s one thing that she looks for in a man – an inner cook. Since she didn’t get a chance to eat last night, she was going to eat this morning. She’s hungry!

Cop motions for Sanjar to sit down.

Sanjar obediently sits down. She doesn’t want to be handcuff, while she eats. She wants both of her hands free. She casts pleading eyes up at her kidnapper. “Can you remove the cuffs from me? You can tie me up, but I want to be able to eat with both hands.”

Sanjar is upset, because the jerk didn’t even consider her plea. He handcuffs her to the table and ties her to the chair.

Her anger goes down a notch, when she feels the handcuff being removed from her wrist. Her kidnapper leaves the cuff hanging from the table leg.

“Thank you.”

The bacon is in the front of Cop.

“Can you pass me the bacon?”

Cop passes her the plate with the bacon and every other dish that was out of her reach that she requested.

He fixes his own plate, while watching the woman that’s sitting across from him. He’s dressed and she’s still in her pajamas. He’s going to do something about that. She’s going to be his prisoner for a while.

He says his grace and then fixates on her.

Sanjar notices the man is staring at her. “Is there something on my face?”

Yes! That sexy mole on your right cheek. “You’re good.”

“Are you full?” Cop asks.

He notices that Sanjar didn’t fix herself seconds. He prepared enough food, in case she wanted seconds. She’d gone to bed on an empty stomach – thanks to him.

Cop wants to laugh, but holds it in. He did give the feisty woman a chance to eat last night. He knows that he was wrong for eating her sandwich, but she didn’t want it, plus she thought that he had poisoned it and okay, he did eat half of it, before waking her up.
He watched her make that sandwich as she teasingly danced. It’s not his fault that she made the sandwich inviting. That made the sandwich fair game.

“Thanks, but I can’t eat another bite.”


Cop goes up to her and takes her left hand in his. She tries to jerk her hand away. “Don’t fight me woman.” He handcuffs her hand to the table.

“You bastard!”

Cop gives Sanjar a hard look. “The handcuff is for your own good. You wouldn’t want a bullet in your head, now would you?”

He picks up her dishes and carries a few of the others to the kitchen. He returns back to the table to pick up the rest.

“You can’t keep me.”

“Says who?” He gives her a questionable look. “You?”

“I hate you!”


Cop leaves the room.

Sanjar jerks her arm back twice, with no results. She’s stuck to this table, until her milk dud releases her.

She frowns at him, when he returns.

Cop sits down with a small legal pad and pen. His phone rings. “Cop.” He says, answering on the second ring. “No…I’ll get back to you later.” He ends the call.

“Cop?” Sanjar smirks. “Is that your name?”

“I’ve just answered my phone with that name, right?”

Sanjar rows her eyes at him.

“What size bra and panties do you wear?”

Is this man really asking her this?

“Excuse you!”

“Answer my question.”

Sanjar huffs. “No!”

“I can always find out, by taking your measurements.”

“You wouldn’t dare touch me!”

“I’m good at walking in daring shoes. Do you really want to see me walk in my daring shoes?”

Sanjar doesn’t want him touching her.

“I’ll fight you.”

Cop lets out a little laugh. “And you’ll lose. Now, I’m going to count to five. If you don’t answer me, before I get to five. I’m taking your measurements.”

He starts counting. “1…2…3…4-“

As he’s about to say five, Sanjar calls out her bra and panties size. She sees Cop writes the information down.

“I’m going to ask you for some more sizes and you are going to give them to me without any question. Do you understand?”

Sanjar doesn’t answer.

“What size clothes do you wear?” When Sanjar doesn’t answer, he stands up and goes up to her. He starts to grab her.

She flinches and quickly tells him what size clothes she wears.

“Tennis shoes?’

The man is still standing above her. “Eight.” She answers.

Cop returns to his seat and write down the information that she has given him. “Do you need anything else?”

Sanjar picks up on his meaning. “No.” She answers angrily.

“I’ll be back shortly and you are going to the room.”

He brings her to the room and handcuffs her sitting up in the bed.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Cop is something else. :)

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Cop is something else. :)"

He's bad!

I better get some rest for work.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
See you tomorrow!

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Great story! really grabs ya. Another story to wait patiently for :)

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Pamela wrote: "Great story! really grabs ya. Another story to wait patiently for :)"

Thank you Pamela. You're probably not use to reading a story in the present tense and sounds like a movie, but that's how I write.

I can write the other way too, but lately, I have been writing this way for my last few stories.

I like to tell a story a different way.

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Arch wrote: "Pamela wrote: "Great story! really grabs ya. Another story to wait patiently for :)"

Thank you Pamela. You're probably not use to reading a story in the present tense and sounds like a movie, bu..."

doesn't bother me a bit and makes it interesting

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Pamela wrote: "doesn't bother me a bit and makes it interesting"

Yeah. I like different styles.

Hopefully, another installment should be up later on tonight.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
I'm eager to read more!

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "I'm eager to read more!"

You will. :)

I have scenes running through my head. Even the next scene.

Sanjar hates Cop.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Hate often turns to love. I see her checking him out. I loved the bedroom scene. Very sexy. You know how to write tension, Arch.

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Hate often turns to love. I see her checking him out. I loved the bedroom scene. Very sexy. You know how to write tension, Arch."

I love writing tension and I have more in store. I was a little tired, so I didn't write last night. But, if the Lord says the same, I will today after work.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Same here. I didn't get to write yesterday, but I'm going to try to write some tonight.

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Chapter Two, Cont.

Someone at work should know that something is wrong by now, right? Sheryl? Mr. Chandler?

She never misses a day of work, even when she has a doctor’s appointment. She’ll work a half of day.

Out of the seven years that she has been working for Falcons, Sheryl and Mr. Chandler have only received one call from her, informing them that she’d be late and she was only fifteen minutes late, due to taking care of home business.

Sanjar looks over to the nightstand on Cop’s side of the bed for a phone, but there isn’t one.

“Why would you think that Mr. Mean would leave a phone in the room?” She questions herself.

She stops and recalls the image of Cop. “More like Mr. Clean?” She chuckles.

She noticed that he does keep his house clean. The little that she saw, but she’s sure he keeps the whole house clean. No hiding anything. He sure doesn’t leave a dish dirty. He makes sure it gets cleaned. She could be wrong, but she believes that his dishes are neatly arranged in the cabinet. Everything in the kitchen must be in order.

She can tell that he’s not trying to impress anyone. He’s an evil man - one that would kill you. Why would he want to impress anyone? He doesn’t look like the type that would have many visitors, unless he kidnapped them and threaten them like he does her.

Poor man. Was he a bully growing up?

Thirty minutes have passed and Sanjar needs to use the bathroom. She doesn’t like holding her urine. She wishes that Mr. Clean would return home – now!

It will not be her fault, if his bed turns into a toilet. She has never wet the bed as a child, nor as an adult. But today – any minute, she can break her adult wetting bed virginity. But, then that would mean she will have to sit in the mess and she doesn’t want to do that.

“Think about dry land.”

She squeezes her legs together. The pressure on her bladder is starting to get stronger.

She closes her eyes and rests her head against the bed real, to try to relax and not think about using the bathroom.

Yesterday, prior to her kidnap, her life was good. She had a great time talking on the phone with her friend, Veronica.

At the thought of Veronica, her eyes pops open. She and Veronica talk to each other every day. Today, Veronica is going to call her. She’ll get her voicemail, but tomorrow she’ll call again.

No answer Friday and Saturday will definitely get Veronica to thinking that something is wrong with her. She’ll go by her house and do a little investigating. Veronica isn’t even a lawwoman, but she thinks she Calleigh from CSI Miami. And when she smells a rat, she will report her missing and Veronica will make sure she’s found.

Sanjar glances at the digital clock on Cop’s nightstand. It’s revealing another ten minutes. She moves her hands in frustration. “Come on Cop, get here!

Five minutes later, Cop enters his bedroom room.

“Get me out of these cuffs!” Sanjar demands. She didn’t have time for his threatening look. She wants to empty her bladder. “Unless, you want me to use your bed as a toilet.”

“If you want me to put you and my mattress at the end of the road, to be picked up by the garbage truck - wet my bed.”

“I need to use the bathroom-“ She almost calls him Mr. Clean. “Cop.”

Yes, he can see that she needs to use the bathroom. Her squeezed legs testify to that. He goes around the bed and places the items on the bed to her right. He reaches behind her and unclamps the handcuff from her right wrist and puts it back on, when her arms was in the front of her. “Come on.”

He leads her to the bathroom and stands guard.

It wasn’t long, before she exists the bathroom.

“You need to get dress.” Cop tells her, walking her back to her side of the bed.

There are three Wal-Mart bags on the bed, along with a red expandable duffle bag.

Cop empties the large bag with her clothing, undergarments and socks on the bed. Sanjar notices four pair of jeans (two wide-legs jeans and two boot-cut jeans), four shirts (two roll-cuff shirts and two polo shirts), two boxes of two pack bras, a five pack of Hanes cotton boy brief panties and a pack of socks. The items from the other bags are: A pair of Nike tennis shoes, brush, comb, ponytail holders, toothbrush holder, soapbox and deodorant.

“I can’t get dressed.”

“And why not?”

“My clothes need to be washed first. I don’t wear brand new clothes.”

We have something in common. Cop thinks to himself. He washes his new clothes as well. But, not items that come in packages.

Cop checks the time. He doesn’t want to spend another hour waiting for Sanjar to get ready. They need to get going. He has only brought her here for the night. He’s bringing her to his cabin that’s two hours away.

He snatches up her clothes one by one from the bed, throwing them over his left shoulder. He wants his hands free, just in case Sanjar tries to pull an escape stunt. He moves her pack of socks next to her boxes of bras. “You aren’t washing these.”

“I wasn’t planning on washing them. Only my clothes.”

Cop casts a side-glance at her. “You do not get any more requests. After your clothes finish washing and drying and you get dress, we are leaving.”

Sanjar is curious as to where he’s taking her. “Where are we going?”

Cop doesn’t answer her question.

She turns towards him. “The silent treatment?”

He matches her look. “I don’t answer to you. Don’t forget that.”


Cop puts the clothes on the bed.

Sanjar looks at her clean clothes and decides that she’s going to wear a pair of wide-leg pants with the blue roll—cut shirt.

“Can you remove the cuffs, so that I can go get dressed?”

He has to know that it would be impossible for her to get dressed, while handcuffed.

“I’ll unclamp the cuffs, but I’m warning you, if you try something stupid. You are history.”

Cop removes the cuff from her left wrist. He leaves the other bracelet on her right wrist. He sees her disgust for the bracelet.

“It’s your protector.” With that said, Cop walks to his door. His back is towards her. “Get dress fast.”

Sanjar wasn’t thinking about getting dressed in the room. She was thinking about getting dressed in the bathroom.

“You want me to get dressed in here?”


“What’s wrong with the bathroom?”

“Do you have to empty your bladder?”


“Then, there’s nothing wrong with the bedroom.”

“This is no privacy.”

“You were my sleeping mate last night. How much privacy do you want me to give you?”

“You’ve made me share a bed with you.” She retorts. “Trust me, I wouldn’t have slept with you otherwise.”

“Time is ticking Sanjar.”

Sanjar is glad that this room doesn’t have a mirror. It’s a plain room. There’s only a queen size bed, two nightstands, a closet and a medium dresser, with a 19 “ HDTV/DVD combo flat screen TV on top of it.

Since she doesn’t have a choice as to where she dresses, she quickly opens her pack of panties and takes one out. She does the same thing to one of her boxes of bras. She doesn’t trust Cop. He might turn around. She quickly gets dress. She sits on the bed, to put on her socks and shoes.

“Are you dressed?” Cop asks her.

“Yes.” She answers.

Cop turns around and sees Sanjar standing up. She turns in his direction. “Pack your things.”

“I need to do my hair.”

Cop points to the bathroom. “Make it snappy.”

While Sanjar is in the bathroom, he packs her things. When she comes out of the bathroom, she sees him holding a blindfold in his hand. Before she knew it, she was blindfolded and handcuffed again.

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Great scene, Arch. Mr. Clean, I love it.

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Great scene, Arch. Mr. Clean, I love it."

In an upcoming scene, Sanjar will really see Cop as Mr. Clean.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod

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Chapter Three

Sanjar doesn’t know where this man is taking her, but she knows that it’s away from the city she lives in.

The city where he lives in too, right? The house that he brought her to last night was only minutes away from her house. So that would mean that they live in the same city. Then again, the house could belong to a family member or friend.

Or someone he killed. Her inner voice says.

Sanjar pushes the last thought out of her head. She remembers how he was in that house. He was too comfortable and not the comfortable of killing someone and taking their house. He authorized that house. There’s no doubt that the house is his.

The sound of the signal light catches her attention. She wonders if they are close to wherever he’s taking her. She estimates they have been traveling for an hour.

Mr. Clean has been quiet the whole time. It’s not like she wants to talk to him either. The man had the nerves to blindfold and handcuff her. She is very uncomfortable in the passenger seat, with her hands behind her and the seat belt over her.

The only lively thing in the car is the classical music that’s coming from Cop’s radio.

A song that she likes comes on. Für Elise by Beethoven. For some strange reason she’s seeing the music as a killer’s theme song. It has to be, because she’s in the car with this evil man and he’s listening to classical music.

Why is he messing up this song for me?

Sanjar doesn’t want to finish listening to Für Elise. She wants to remember the song – unstained. “Can we listen to something else?”

Cop briefly looks in her direction. He can imagine what she’s thinking about him and the song. He likes this song. “No.”

Sanjar doesn’t like his answer; she isn’t surprised that Mr. Clean has told her no. “By any chance, would you have any earplugs?”

“Do you want permanent ones?”


She was through talking to him. She positions her head the best she could on the seat’s headrest. She closes her eyes.

Cop smiles to himself. He plans of having fun with Sanjar at his cabin. With her spunk, the fun will be worth it.

He doesn’t really need her to get to Chandler. He could easily go after the man and kill him. But why not have the man’s girlfriend in his playpen for a while?

He’s going to keep Sanjar for another three days and then release her.

He changes the radio station to a country station. From the corner of his eye, he sees Sanjar raises her head up.

He knows that white people aren’t the only ones that listen to country music. “Don’t tell me you hate country music?”

“I don’t have anything against country music. My hate is directed towards you.”


Sanjar wakes up, when she hears Cop’s car door close. She figures they are at their destination. She sits up straight.

Her car door opens.

His savory scent hits her nose. Why does he has to smell so good?

She doesn’t want to smell him; she doesn’t want him to smell so good. He’s evil. The bad guy is supposed to stink.

Yeah Right! Not this bad guy. She noticed his intoxicating scent from the first day he kidnapped her.

She holds her breath, when Cop reaches over to unsnap her seatbelt.

Although, she can’t see him, she can feel him looking at her. He has not moved to put the belt in place.

“If you want to pass out, continue holding your breath. I have a shovel. I’ll be more than happy to bury you alive.”

Sanjar exhales at his statement. “You are mean!”

“Yes, I am. But, I am also helpful.”

“Stop hovering over me.”

Cop ignores her command. He knows that she’s can’t see him through the blindfold. He’s taking out the time to soak in her mole and lips. He likes that mole on her face and those lips. They are screaming to be kissed. An old man like Chandler shouldn’t be allowed to kiss you. He’s your past, rather you want him to be or not. You belong to me now.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) (gatadelafuente) | 9700 comments Mod
Awesome, Arch. I can't wait to read more!

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Danielle "The Book Huntress" wrote: "Awesome, Arch. I can't wait to read more!"

Thanks. I was going to write the next installment, but my aunt wanted to do something for my grandmother's birthday. Well, have a little gathering today. My grandmother made 85 on March 1. So, I've been there all evening. I have just gotten home a little over an hour ago.

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Chapter Three, Cont.

Cops waits until they reach his living room and he brings her to his sofa, before he takes the cuffs off Sanjar. He stands her against his sofa and lets go of her arm; He leans into her left ear. “Turn around.” He tells her.

Why did he have to lean into her ear to tell her to turn around? She’s upset with him. She didn’t need him to brand her ear with his sexy voice.

She turns around.

No words?… Forget words, she turned around.

Cop is not in the rush to remove the cuffs from this woman. He’s enjoying the back view. He gives her a ten for that nice tight firm rear end. He can tell by the way she’s giving those jeans justice that she keeps her rear end in shape. He has no doubt that she was given a nice set of buns, but she’s keeping them nice with butt exercises.

“What’s wrong?” Sanjar asks. She knows what it feels like, when a man is checking her out from behind and she knows that’s what Cop is doing. Thank goodness he’s an interesting guy, because she hates being checked out by uninteresting guys. She’s guilty of checking out men that catches her attention from behind. She checked out Cop and the view didn’t leave her disappointed.

Her question catches his attention. She’s talking. “Nothing.” He answers.

Cop lets a few more second pass, before he gently raises her right arm, to undo the cuffs. He wanted to touch her rear end, but decides against it. He undoes the cuffs. “You can turn around now.” He reaches behind her head and undo the blindfold. He sees that her eyes are closed. “Open your eyes.”

Sanjar opens her eyes. She notices that Cop is not kissable close, but still close enough to her that she can clearly see his dreamy green eyes and his juicy bottom lip.

Sanjar, Cop is the bad guy. He’s going to kill you. Don’t forget that.

Cop isn’t going to kill her. Well, she hopes he’s not going to. She wants to live. She’s still young. She wants to continue to walk down life road, until it’s her true time to go.

“Have a seat.” Cop says, breaking her out of her dying thoughts.

Sanjar blinks her eyes twice. She didn’t realize that her eyes have moved from looking at his pretty greens to his lips. She raises her eyes back to his. “What?”

“Are you having a hard time focusing?” He asks with a straight face, but was teasing her.


Cop interrupts her. “Have a seat. I’m going to the kitchen to get us something to drink.”

He leaves. He’s not far, only a few feet away. The living room is off the kitchen.

Sanjar sits down on the lush sofa and takes in the small cozy living room. The living room makeup consists of two pieces of sitting furniture. A sofa and matching recliner chair that’s facing the wood coffee table with iron legs. A throw rug is under the table. There’s a stone fireplace. She noticed that it’s the same stone that the kitchen bar island is made of. The stones go up to the ceiling. A little above the mantle is a big flat screen TV.

“Here.” Cop starts to hand her a bottle of Strawberry Banana Fuze. “Are you allergic to fruits?”

“Only fruitcakes.”

“You’re sarcastic. I should let you die of thirst.”

“How do you know that I wasn’t talking about a real fruitcake?”

“I’m going to give you one to eat.”

She can see that he’s serious.

“If you don’t die, then I will know who was right.”

He places the drink in her hand and goes to his chair. He sits down, places his drink on the coaster, on the chair’s accent end table and pulls the latch on the side of the chair, so that he can recline back. He takes his drink off the coaster and starts to unscrew the top. “How old are you Sanjar?”

Waiting for her answer, he takes a sip of his banana colada Fuze.

“Why?” Sanjar asks, after putting her bottle down. She was in the middle of drinking, when he asked her the age question.

“Are you ashamed of your age?”

Sanjar meets his eyes. “Am I supposed to be?”

“A lot of women like to lie about their age.”

“Men aren’t exempt from the lying game.”

“Is that right?” Do you know how old Chandler is?

Sanjar crosses her legs. He’s a bad guy and doesn’t bad guys have multiple identifications. “You don’t think so?” She takes another sip of her drink. “You can’t tell me that evil men don’t have multiple faces.”

Cop shrugs and brings his drink to his lips.

Sanjar knows that Cop shrugged to try to make her believe that he doesn’t know about evil men having multiple faces, but she knows better. “Are you honestly going to tell me that you don’t wear multiple faces?”

“Lets move on.”

“Afraid to answer the question?” Sanjar challenges.

“What do you see in older men?”

Yeah, he’s afraid to answer the question.

“Older men?”

“Daddy status… Isn’t that the age range your boyfriend, Chandler's in?”

Sanjar’s bottle almost reaches her mouth, when she registers what Cop just asked her. He thinks that Mr. Chandler is her boyfriend. Last night, he told her that he wanted her boyfriend. She has to admit, she was a little crushed to hear that, because she was hoping that he was fully straight. From the start, she picked up a straight vibe from him, but after his statement, she wasn’t too sure. Maybe she was in his way of getting what he wanted. If women can kill to get the man, why wouldn’t a man do the same thing? But he made a mistake, because she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

“I’m a grown woman, I can date an older man if I want to.” She says, testing him. She wants to know why he’s after Chandler. It better not be for his own use. Just the thought of it, makes her stomach sick.

He was checking you out. He’s straight.

Without moving her eyes across his body, Sanjar takes in Cop’s relaxing package. He could go both ways. Please No!

“Are you looking for a father?”

“No.” She quickly answers. She’s not looking for a father. She doesn’t care for the one that was a sperm donor. The man married her mother and brought alone a six-year old son from a previous relationship and two years later, they had her. Her parents stayed married, until she was 10 years old. The marriage came to an end, because her father went out looking for a younger woman and never looked back, not even for his son – Craig. Thank goodness her mother was a strong woman. She provided for herself and her two children.


“I’m a very strong independent woman.”

She can feel his eyes scanning her body.


She’s a virgin, but he doesn’t need to know that. “Why are you so concern about my relationship with Mr. Chandler?”

“Because you belong to me now.” He brings his drink to his mouth and drinks his drink, while keeping eye contact with her.

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Oh, my! That Cop is something else. Great chemistry. :)

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