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message 1: by Rebekah Faith (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) Okay, here the three of us can discuss exactly what the Barthrum's plans are regarding getting rid of the 'mutants'.

Right now, all we know is that Kayla, Sandi, and Kristina have kidnapped Yuna and Kayla and Sandi are taking up positions as teachers at Xavier's. What else do we need to decide?

message 2: by Catie (new)

Catie How will they get found out? Will Yuna get free and spill thier plans?

message 3: by Sketchy Z (new)

Sketchy Z Okay, we also have Tabetha taking Yuna's twin sisters over to the hide out.

message 4: by Catie (new)

Catie Also all those people have disapered.

message 5: by Sketchy Z (new)

Sketchy Z Yes.

message 6: by Rebekah Faith (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) im kinda sorta lost on the RP. not exactly sure what's happened.

message 7: by Catie (new)

Catie Me too! And I have been rping the whole time. Still confused!

message 8: by Rebekah Faith (new)

Rebekah Faith (musicalradiance) i have 2, but then i have the 3-5 days where i can't get on so i become insanely lost

message 9: by Catie (new)

Catie I don't know..

message 10: by Sketchy Z (new)

Sketchy Z Okay,Tabetha is bringing the triplets to the cabin, and Raven is with Rubin and Sali.

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