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*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* | 115 comments Mod
(make awesome charries here. you can be a officers, hostage(customer or Bank employee) , robber.)

*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* | 115 comments Mod
Name- Victoria
Age- 24
Male/Female- Female
Personality- Quiet, Hates Her job, Sarcastic,and resistant,
Crush- Open
Officer/Robber/Employee/hostage- Employee/Hostage

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Anna
age: 21
gender: female
personality: sly, violent, evil, rude
crush: nooooooooooone
o/r/h: robber

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