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*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* | 115 comments Mod
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*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* | 115 comments Mod
Name- Valarie
Age- Vamp: 209 Human: 19 or 20
Male/Female- Female
Personality- Quiet, Playful, Mysterious, Sarcastic, can be nice, Smart
Crush- Open
Vamp/Human- Vampiress
Extra- Has the power of illusion

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Name- Xavier
Age- Vamp: 400 Human: 20
Male/Female- Male
Personality- You'll see
Crush- open
Vamp/Human- Vamp
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