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message 1: by Karey (last edited May 08, 2008 12:26PM) (new)

Karey (kareyshane) | 205 comments Mod
Know of any sites or blogs for writing thriller / horror? If you have a quality link to share that really teaches about the nuts and bolts, just start it with http://www. No fluffy stuff, please! :O) Thanks.

message 2: by Toni (new)

Toni (tvsweeney) | 17 comments So now I start bragging! Last week, I signed a contract for the first 3 books in my series tentatively entitled The Second Species. I've had 8 novels published so far but now I'm learning exactly what a lot of work goes into it! Up until now I've had it easy. I may even have to set up a second website just for this series. And me the original Internet Dummy! The first book isn't scheduled for release for a few months yet. The official launch date is at DragonCon in September in Atlanta, but if anyone would like to launch a discussion after that, I'll be glad to participate (hope I'm not setting myself up!) Heck, if anyone wants to talk about them now, I'm available. So I'll start things off and leave it out there.

Here's the premise: Vampires are not supernatural Undead creatures but merely a second offshoot of Mankind who've been made into mythical legendary creatures by human who didn't understand their differences. There's a logical reason for everything from their sensitivity to garlic to their fear of religious objects. Because of this, they've hidden themselves away in the Carpathians, evolving their own government, religion, and livestyles. When one vampire is exiled, he's expelled into the outside world of 18th-century Europe and has to adjust to human prejudices as he go after the murderer of his family.

Comments, anyone?

message 3: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (carrieking) | 8 comments Well done Toni!

Writing is very hard work....already people are asking in Book Shops when BOOK TWO of The CIRCLES Trilogy comes out and I have another 16 weeks of work!!

Keep up the good work!


message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenvwrites) Wtg sounds like a neat series....I usually don't read horror Light mystery and Chic Fic is more my thing along with comedy.

message 5: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Morrow (bridgetmorrow) | 2 comments Congratulations Toni

message 6: by Al (new)

Al | 2 comments well I wrote The Prayer from snatches of dreams. and it's so scary that the publisher has put a worldwide moneyback guarantee on it. and no one has asked for their money back since halloween.

here is the prayer page on amazon:

and the website:

message 7: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathrynmeyergriffith) | 3 comments Toni,
what publisher did you sell the series to? Did you have an agent? I'm curious as I'm a published horror (among other genres) writer and have a new horror novel I'm starting to send out? Thanks, Kate (Kathryn Meyer Griffith)

message 8: by Toni (new)

Toni (tvsweeney) | 17 comments I'd farmed it around at quite a few agents and gotten absolutely no answers (I have a record of 17 refusals so far), so I sent it to Belle Books ( which is a subsidiary of Belle Bridge. They said they wanted dark fantasy and somewhere also dark URBAN fantasy, but I didn't see that part, so I fudged a little and called Shadow Lord "fantasy" after all it's about vampires, and vampires don't exist, right? so it has to be a fantasy. Unh-huh. Anyway, they accepted it. It has some romance elements, too, but not enough for it to be classified as such. I was aiming for the Hammer Films/Gothic touch.

message 9: by Toni (new)

Toni (tvsweeney) | 17 comments There's romance through the stories but I don't let it monopolize. The series is more of a manhunt/revenge that just happens to be in a "horror" setting. The hunter is a vampire and so is the hunted, and they really aren't classical vampires, just people who are sun-sensitive, allergic to garlic and have to have blood (along with regular food) to survive. I like mysteries with comedic elements, too. Nothng like laughter to relieve the tension.

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